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This wonderful sweet 3 year old pit bull was found under an abandoned house in Columbia, SC.  A neighbor looked out her door one day and was shocked to see this emaciated dog that had been trying to nurse puppies that were not hers.  A man had put the puppies on her so he could fatten them up to sell them.  When he was discovered by the neighbor, he grabbed the puppies and left sweet MaMa with no food or water.  She searched for the puppies for several days and then we were contacted to help her or else she was going to be taken to the pound to be euthanized.  She is as sweet as can be.  There doesn’t appear to be a mean bone in her body.  She is scared and frightens easily but is slowly coming around.  She has lots of old scars and wounds that have healed.  Her ears are so mangled and thick from all the damaged scar tissue that I am surprised she can even hear.  She has a tattoo on her belly which is what a lot of the bait/fighting dogs have.  Most of her teeth have been filed down or broken.  She has learned to eat with the little nubs she has left.  She is being treated for every parasite imaginable, is HW+ and is being spayed.  She gets along with other dogs and is so happy to have people that love her.  She loves to be loved on and will give lots of sweet kisses.


This incredible dog has stolen all of our hearts.  She has the most gentle manner about her and spends most of her time laying around on her back wanting someone to rub her belly.  How a dog could have been through so much and still be so kind is a miracle all by itself.  She is an Angel. We still have a little tummy problem but that is improving every day.


Mama has stolen our hearts.  She just loves everyone.  She spends most of her time loving on you or rolling on her back so you can love on her.  She gets along great with people, kids everyone.  She is slowly being introduced to other dogs but so far has not had any problems with the dogs she has been around.  We just adore this incredible dog.  She will make you cry with how loving and sweet she is.


Look how wonderful Mama looks.  We have a home for her in Chicago and we are working on getting her there.  This is the greatest dog.  She is loving and sweet, all the time.

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