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MARGE (Pittie)

Latest Updates

I am happy to report that we are making wonderful progress with Marge's horrible skin issues.  We now can tell that she is going to be a beautiful blue pittie from all the fur she has grown over the last two weeks. She gets non-stop soaks and lots of loving during the process, which she craves.  I have never seen a puppy like baths as much as Marge does.


Marge is one lovable, huggable puppy that wants to run and play non-stop.   Her feet are enormous, but the rest of her is not very big at all, which leads me to believe she is going to be a Pocket Pitty with loads of personality.


The raw skin that was all over Marge has begun to heal and crusted over.  The worst places are growing fur back, which was something we were not sure would happen.   I do not see any areas that are not filling in with beautiful blue fur. Marge has an appointment with her Dermotologist, Dr. Randy Thomas, this morning to determine how much longer she will need medication. Skin scrapes will let us know her bacteria and mite levels, which will be done today.   


The Marge is all puppy and has a bundle of energy.  She needs to go into a Family that can keep up with a puppy and not have dogs that are bothered by constant playfulness.  Another young dog to play with would be a plus.  We have had a lot of people interested in Marge but have not found the Family we think would be the best fit given her energy level.   


Marge is sweet as can be and loves everyone and every dog she meets.   A few of the dogs at Noah's Arks Rescue get very excited by a high-energy puppy and let Marge know right off the bat to not come near them.  Marge runs in the opposite direction and hides behind one fo us.  She is learning quickly, a growl means don't even think about coming one step further.  Puppies learn by the other dogs around them, and Marge is learning a lot.  If you believe Marge would be right for your Family, please apply.    


We have had lots of Adoptions over the past week.  The first month is always Foster to Adopt before it becomes official.  McDuff, Noel, Charlie, Ghost, Dixie, Mia, Eleanor, Anna Belle, Charlie (Chihuahua), BeBe, and Anita are each in their new homes.  As soon as we get pics with their new Families, we will post them.  Thanks for all your incredible help with these fantastic dogs.  We could not have done it without your Love and Support.

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