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MARLOWE (Rat Terrier)

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BURLINGTON, NC....Sad tiny Marlowe is a 10-month-old pure breed Rat Terrier that was turned into Burlington Animal Control.   He came in with both of his front legs broken and unable to walk.   We were contacted by one of their amazing Volunteers begging for help for this sweet pup.   It appears he was picked up as a stray.  When the Owner was contacted, she wanted him EUTHANIZED since she was unable to pay for any surgery.   Since the Owner did not come in to sign him over, he was put on a Stray Hold, and we were able to have him brought to us but could not do surgery until the Stray-Hold was up.


It always amazes me that people will pay hundreds of dollar for a pure breed dog, but when they get hurt, they will not spend a penny to a save them.  They will then go out and spend hundreds more to get a NEW puppy.   I don't think I have ever witnessed a more Disposable Society than the one we live in now when it comes to Man's Best Friend.   It saddens me every day for these sweet pups that give their hearts to Families that throw them away without another thought.


Sweet Marlowe was taken to Carolina Vet Specialists in Matthews, NC where he was taken care of by the Emergency Care Team.   Waiting for his hold time to be up was not a problem since he had to be stabilized before any surgery could be done.    This poor boy had two very badly broken front legs that had been this way for a while.    He was in terrible pain and it appears had been this way for a while before someone found him.    It took the ER and Surgical Team about five days to get him stable before he could have surgery.


Dr. Michelle Nanfelt did surgery on his Forelimbs and plated both.  The biggest problem is that he has muscle contracture from not being able to use the legs for so long.   He was in ICU for several days after the surgery to get him comfortable.   For the first couple of days after surgery, he had no desire to use the front legs.  He literally looked like a kangaroo.   He is now starting to use the legs and does not appear to have any residual nerve damage from his injuries or from the surgeries he just had.


We are assuming he got out and was hit by a car before he was found.  We will never know what happened but am so glad he is in our Care.   Marlowe is the cutest little pup.   He does everything he can to get your attention, so you will pick him up and love on him.   Everyone at the Hospital wants to stop and give him kisses, so that is not a problem. 


Marlowe had to have both legs surgically plated.  One leg is expensive enough, but two legs is twice the cost.  Please, DONATE whatever you can so we can pay his bills.    We have six dogs that are in the Hospital either having surgery or are in the ER being taken care of.   Each one of these pups has big bills that we have not been able to notify you our Loyal Donors because we do not have any idea what each one is going to require right now.    I have to have a basic idea of what a dog needs before I send their information to you.   Not knowing means lots of tests are being done, and lots of scans are being taken which means high bills.  We ask and BEG because we are IT for these pups.  PLEASE, Help Us, Help Them get the Medical Care they need to Survive and Thrive and know Love.

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