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MARVIN (Starved Pitbull Puppy)

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BALTIMORE, MD....Adorable Marvin is nine-month-old Pitbull that was ABANDONED at the front door of Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter (BARCS) in a Crate.  He was covered in urine, feces and loaded with fleas.  BARCS took him to the Vet, did x-rays because his legs were so damaged and then called us when they realized this was far more than they could handle financially.


We had transport already in place with the new Family for sweet Conway.  They were driving down from New Jersey, and we had someone driving up to meet them in Virginia.  They were kind enough to swing by Baltimore and pick up this crippled little pup on the way to meet us.  Marvin was then taken to Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Matthews, NC where they were waiting for his arrival.


Marvin may be nine months old, but his body looks like a two-month-old puppy.  We were shocked he was alive based on his body score being 1 out of 9 which means he has been starved and is emaciated.  This little pup has literally wasted away to nothing and is now crippled because of it.  In addition to being starved, sweet Marvin has two fractured front legs.  We are assuming he was hit by a car and the family did not get him medical care.  


His wrists have almost completely collapsed from lack of nutrition.  His bones had fused together and re-modeled in an angular way that tells us he was put in a kennel when he was much younger and he outgrew the area.  His legs adapted to the small space by collapsing while they healed.   This poor pup is a total mess.  The pain he has endured is unimaginable.  Marvin has learned to hobble on his rear legs while his front legs healed and collapsed all at the same time.


I know I sound like a Broken Record but when will our Society ever learn to do the right thing and seek Medical Care for THEIR injured pets.  It does not cost a lot to go to the Vet, explain your financial situation and see what YOU could do to enable the best possible outcome given your finances.   Any Vet would consult with you and offer advice such as a splint for the puppy and nutrition needs to be met while healing.   If you cannot at least do that, then take the animal to the Shelter ASAP so they could get them the medical care they need or Humanely put them down.  DO NOT Abandon a Helpless dog in PAIN in a kennel.


My Heart breaks for the suffering dear Marvin has endured.  He is as sweet as can be and petrified at the same time.   We have to get custom splints made for his legs and allow his body to regain the strength and nutrients he needs to hopefully correct his carpal area on all four legs.  We cannot do any surgery until he gets well.  We are doing everything we can to get him stronger and not bring on ReFeeding Syndrome.  


A good-hearted act can prove disastrous for a starved animal once the body has metabolically begun to shut down.  I have enclosed a wonderful link below that goes into great detail on why this is so significant in starved animals.   If you are in Rescue or someone that helps animals you find in this condition, PLEASE, take the time to read the article and educate yourself.  There is nothing more devastating than to find out the bag of dog food you left on the side of the road was what actually killed the emaciated animal.




Marvin is a work in progress that will be going on for months.  Please, DONATE whatever you can to give him the best possible outcome.   He is finally in a place and hospital where he will be loved and nurtured.  His Journey to Heal and find Love has arrived.  Let's don't let him down now because of lack of funds.   Thanks for caring about Marvin and all of the other Abuse Cases we take care of Daily.

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