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MIA (Shih Tzu)

Latest Updates

We have been working tirelessly for all our pups to save each one and give them the best Life imaginable.  No matter the outcome, each one is loved unconditionally until their time comes to cross over The Rainbow Bridge.


Beautiful Mia had her spinal surgery and has been recovering from her procedure.  Our ultimate goal was for her to regain the use of her rear legs and get back control of her bladder and bowels. She gets daily Physical Therapy and has had Acupuncture Treatments. The most progress that has been observed is she has attempted to wag her tail and can hold her stance longer.


We had hoped by now, we would have seen more progress.  Spinal injuries are the hardest to determine the outcome.  Some dogs we think will never walk again, regain full mobility after steroids and surgery.  You only truly know the outcome when the spinal cord is severely damaged.  


The best news we have is Mia has a fabulous Foster Mom that has looked after her since the beginning. Erica is the Vet Tech that works for Mia's Neurosurgeon, Dr. Shomper.  We are hoping Mia will be a Foster Failure, and Erica will adopt her.  


Mia is a fabulous pup that has stolen the hearts of everyone she meets.  Even if she never walks, she can have a beautiful life.  Mia is young and has the rest of her Life ahead.   The only chance Mia had of walking was for her to have Spinal Surgery.  We did the surgery, and now we have to wait.  We are not ruling out her walking again, but know her chances get smaller with each passing week.


Mia is taken to CVRC a couple of days a week for Physical Therapy or to see her Neurosurgeon.   Cage Rest is something every dog hates, and Mia is no exception.  She hates it with a passion.  To keep her calm, she is lightly sedated so she can rest and heal.


We received very little in donations for this beautiful pup.   It is as if the mailing did not go out for her.  Please, Donate whatever you can so we can continue the Medical Care she needs to keep improving and pay off her Surgical Bill.


The biggest problem with spinal injuries is dogs don't have the same pain sensation healthy dogs do.  Mia has pulled two of her nails out without realizing the damage she was doing.  The bandages you see on her front feet are because of her injuries.    Keeping her calm is the ultimate goal until she has recovered from spinal surgery.


Please, keep Mia in your prayers that she regains some of the Neurologic function she lost when she was injured.  Thanks for giving Mia the Gift of Life.  She has the rest of her Life to be loved and adored because you thought she mattered. Thanks for caring about Mia and all the other pups at Noah's Arks Rescue. Your support is greatly appreciated.


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