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MIMI (Greenville Pitbull)

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GREENVILLE, SC....There are a lot of messages I hate sending out, but the one that gets me the most upset is letting our NAR Family know about a dog that had passed before they even got to know her.  Such is the case with sweet Mimi a 3-year-old Pitbull that had been starved and abandoned.  Mimi had just come into Greenville County Animal Control and was on sick hold as a stray when they reached out to us.  I saw her condition and said I would take her immediately


The Vet at the Shelter said she had been throwing up aluminum foil, but they did not see anything in her x-rays.  She had obviously been eating trash to survive.  Mimi had terrible ulcers on her rear bones and legs where she had been living on a hard surface unable to get to the food.  I believe someone eventually removed her from there and abandoned her to die.


When Mimi arrived at Carolina Veterinary Specialist in Matthews, NC she was admitted to the ER and put in the ICU unit where they began to do their tests and to stabilize her.  Our very special ER Tech, Lexi was in charge of showing little Ms. Mimi all the Love in the World.  All of her tests came back with bloodwork showing she was a dog that had been starved, had heartworm disease, and her body was being over-loaded with parasites which made her anemic.


Medical Protocol had begun for sweet Mimi, and she was happy and loving all the attention she was getting.  She was resting comfortably and was also eating and drinking.  She did not have any significant heart issues that would have caused the ER to be alarmed.   We had to get her body stable and get rid of the parasites that were taking all of her blood and nutrients.   Mimi was tolerating all of her treatments without any issues.


The following morning, Mimi was happy and doing well.  Later in the afternoon, she went outside on her own to go to the bathroom, wagging her tail the entire time, and when she returned she went into Respiratory Distress and Cardiac Arrest. The ER Team did their best to revive her but they could not.  They were as shocked as we were when she passed.  ICU believes she must have thrown a clot which is why it happened so suddenly without any warning.  


Each animal we take on is on their Last Leg which is why we deal with the best ICU Teams and Surgeons around.  Very few do we lose in such a short period, but they still get the same quality of Care and Love.  The first 24 hours with any of our animals is the most expensive since we have to figure out what is going on and do everything possible to stabilize them.  The hardest part for us is that Mimi was finally SAFE.   She had hung on long enough for us to get her into our Care.  She was now at the place where she could Heal and be Loved.  Sadly, her body was too far gone, and it could not sustain her any longer.


Mimi crossed over The Rainbow Bridge knowing Love and the warmth of a Caring Heart.  Our only regret is that we didn't find her sooner so we could Love her Longer.  We help a lot of pups just like Mimi.  Most of them make it, but some do not.  We still spend the same resources on them to give them the best possible chance at Recovery.  Please, Donate toward Mimi's Medical Bills, so we can give more animals like Mimi the ONLY chance they will ever have of surviving the Horrible Neglect and Abuse they had Endured at the hands of Mankind.


Tonight when you look into the bright Winter Sky, look for the stars that appear to be winking at you.  That will be Mimi with her beautiful eyes catching the light for all the World to see.  She is letting us know, she is finally home and is no longer suffering.  


Please, take the time to Honor dear Mimi by looking at her coureagous video.  Her eyes are the windows of the Soul.   She is a beautiful pup that is full of Love.  Her eyes will live with me for a very long time.  Godspeed dear Mimi.  You will forever be part of our Noah's Arks Rescue Family.

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