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After several days in ICU, we finally have a better understanding of everything that is going on with adorably sweet Nanna.  Her condition was so critical when she first arrived that it was hard to determine her age.  Everyone thought she was between one and two years old but have now decided she is between six to eight months old.   Nanna is a baby.  


The massive collar that was put on her very young was never adjusted or removed. It became a Death Trap given she is a Pitbull / Hound Mix that would be rather large.  Once the collar broke through the skin, everything below the skin began to grow into the collar.    Because her wound was exposed with no way to heal, she began to lose massive amounts of albumin, which are still low.   Nanna is anemic from an over-burden of parasites in her GI system in addition to fleas that were all feeding on her blood supply.  


Nanna's ICU Team has worked tirelessly to stabilize this beautiful puppy that wants nothing but to give lots and lots of kisses.   She has no earthly idea; she is sick.  All she cares about is, she is FREE. How she got free or who did this to her is something we will probably never know.  She is now in the best possible hands, with the most amazing Staff at CVRC in Charleston, SC. Saving an abused animal takes a Village of Specialists committed to Quality of Life.  Each of our dogs is loved and adored while in their care.   The Partnership we formed with CVRC when they opened in 2011 has proven to be invaluable.


Today, each of the Surgeons determines the best course of action for the massive wound around Nanna's neck. The tissue is viable and granulating. Unfortunately, with healing comes constricting tissue that will further compromise Nanna's breathing.  The plan is to remove the wound and sew fresh ends together so Nanna will heal properly.  Hair will grow and completely erase where the collar once was.


Nanna's blood values and electrolytes are slowly improving.  Removing the wound will allow her body to stabilize much faster.   We will then post pictures that we do not have to block out most of it.  We are very sensitive not to offend anyone but also want not to hide Nanna's terrible abuse.


Our baby girl is just that, still a puppy that does not know an enemy.  She will make the best member of any Family that cherishes dogs as much as we do.   Nanna is loving, sweet, and playful, even with her horrible injuries.  We are moving mountains to keep all the dogs in our care, healthy, loved, and cared for.  Covid-19 has caused a lot of hardship for animals all over the World.   We are beyond full and way past broke.  


Please, do whatever you can to help us with these selfless abused, neglected animals.  We desperately need Donations and desperately need good, responsible Families to adopt from us.  I have heard it said, "It is easier to get a home loan than to adopt from Noah's Arks Rescue."  We take every measure to weed out individuals we believe would not be the best fit for our pups.   We think everyone is a good person, just not the right person given the abuse each dog has endured.   We keep the pups with us until the right family comes along.


Thanks for being the good in the World that supports our Mission of saving Abused Dogs and showing them unconditional Love.  Your Love and Support makes this possible—warm hugs and much Love from everyone at Noah's Arks Rescue.

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