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When I tell you this has been a Nightmare week for Nanna, I am not exaggerating.  I vacillate from shock and horror to wanting to cry for the sweetest dog imaginable.   The ER Team and Surgeons have had their hands full with this lovely, sweet pup.  Her cultures came back that she had two resistant bacterias, which explained why her neck wound was not healing the way we anticipated.  Antibiotics were changed, and a wound vacuum was placed around her neck.


Surprisingly, the vacuum did not get a lot of fluid, which surprised everyone.  The vacuum was removed, and a tie-back bandage was added to allow the skin to heal and get smaller.   The bandage kept coming off because of all the swelling Nanna still had.  After several meetings, the Surgeon decided it was best to remove the necrotic tissue and close the wound.  Sadly, the swelling persisted, and several areas kept opening up.


Nanna is on round the clock wound-care and bandage changes.  All of her vitals are good, and her albumin levels have come up. The biggest problem is getting the swelling to go down and keeping her incision closed.  With everything that is going on with Nanna's incision, she has to remain in the hospital.  They have also adjusted her caloric intake on the high end so she can gain some weight.


We have done a ton of embedded collars that have turned out fabulous.  For some reason, Nanna's case is a lot more complicated because of the swelling the embedded collar created. The bacteria she was growing also contributed to the wound, not wanting to heal.  Nanna's lack of care for so long has made the Perfect Storm for Medical complications to happen.    


The wounds around her neck are so deep, I am not going to take any chance of her wound opening up at Noah's Arks Rescue. As expensive as her bills are, she will have to remain in the hospital until her surgical site has started to granulate and close.   Nanna has the best Vet. Techs and Surgeons looking after her, which makes me feel a lot better about her outcome.


Please, keep DONATING so we can give Nanna the best care possible.  As soon as her Speciality Care Team says she is okay to come to us, we will bring her to the NAR Rehab Facility.  Right now, that does not look like it is going to be soon.   


Thanks for helping us with this special pup. Nanna is fabulous and sweet and loves everyone.  There is no excuse for her or any dog ever to be abused and neglected the way she was.  Your Love and Support have given this special girl her Life back. 

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