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NOEL (Staffy)

Latest Updates

I apologize for the delays in updates.  We have each been sick as a dog with upper respiratory infections and have still been taking in abused pups.  We are feeling better but way behind on updates and fund-raising for our pups.  The good news is our top priority is and always will be our pups.  No news does not mean bad news.  It just means we are swamped and have not had two seconds to do updates.


Sweet Noel is doing fantastic since her procedure.  Her surgeon thought for sure she would be carrying her leg for quite a long time before placing it on the ground.  That has not been the case.  She has been walking around as if she never had the procedure.  She is not allowed to run or play and is only on controlled walks, which keeps her from reinjuring her leg.


We have lots of sweet pups, but this big girl is the sweetest of them all.  Her big head and delightful personality make everyone want to take her home.   Noel has four more weeks of restricted exercise and then will be able to play and wrestle to her heart's content.  She is pretty laid-back and wants to sniff and smell everyone and then give constant kisses.  Every dog she meets is her friend.  She will make an excellent addition to any household.


All of the other medical issues Noel had have resolved.  Her anemia and swelling have resolved without any further medical intervention.  We are officially taking applications for this precious.  Noel loves other dogs and is great with kids.  She is perfect in every way.  To be considered for Noel or any of our other pups, you have to fill out our Adoption Application.  You can do it online or print the application and fax it to us at 844-540-6755.   We have to have references filled in entirely and also Vet information.  


I hope everyone had a fabulous Holiday Season and are embracing a New Year with Love and Compassion for Man's Best Friend.  We are still taking Donations to pay Noel's Surgical and Emergency Room Visits.   Any amount would be greatly appreciated.

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