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OREO (Am. Bulldog)

Latest Updates

Sweet Oreo had a Bear of a Procedure.  She was in Surgery for four hours with Dr. Chris Gauthier at CVRC.  Surgery was a lot more complicated than we realized it was going to be.  We knew the injury was older, but it had already formed a massive amount of scar tissue which made surgery tough.


The Surgeons are always looking at me when I describe what I see as possible as if I have one eye in the middle of my forehead. My idea of opening her leg up and looking around and then closing back if things don't look hopeful never quite work out.   There are layers on top of layers that have to be debrided before you can even see the broken bone.  Once you have done all of that, you need to go ahead and surgically repair the area as best you can and then get out.  They take the correct extended version, and in my mind, I see a quick in and out which is not possible.   This was the only was to give Oreo any chance of getting mobility back in that joint.   


This adorable little puppy has stolen everyone's heart.  Oreo has remained in ICU because of swelling and a slight fever but is doing much better today.  Oreo's Medical Team did range of motion exercises to keep her joint as flexible as possible.  She is still pretty stiff from the swelling, but they did manage to get a little bit of movement.  We will continue with her rehab when she arrives back at our Rehab Facility.


We have to keep her as pain-free as possible without numbing her leg, so she injures it for us to do her exercises.  Those exercises are critical in her long-term recovery.   The leg that is cast is healing beautifully, and she is using it all the time.    Oreo has a couple of months of Rehab before we can say, we have given her back all the movement she will ever have in that leg.  Once that is complete, we will determine if she is better with the leg or if we need to remove it.


I got a phone call from Cumberland County yesterday upset because I had posted where Oreo / Rudolph had been adopted from.  They felt we were putting them in a bad light since they have so many animals they are trying to save and get out.  I explained that we post the facts as we know them and what we said did not accuse anyone.   Oreo's misfortune is something every Rescue and Municipal  Organization should take a long hard look at.  None of us are perfect.  I think every incident like this is an opportunity for each of us to do better and learn.  


Cumberland County stands behind the adoption to this Family.  I have no clue what happened to Oreo.  What I do know is good people get medical care for their beloved pets when they get hurt.  They do not abandon an injured puppy in cold weather knowing he is suffering.  Now, this may not be the post that Cumberland County wanted, but these are the facts about Oreo, and that is where our attention is going to remain.


This adorable puppy is nothing but pure sweetness.  Oreo never complains, and all she wants to do is play and give lots of kisses.   Please, help us with her continued Medical Care.

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