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Otis Redding

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There is adorable, and then there is Otis Redding, cute and sweet.  We are in awe of this tiny bundle of joy running all over the place with a bit of tilt to one side.  Otis does everything at 1000%.  He does nothing halfway.  When he wants to play, he is running around quick as lightning.  When he wants to sleep, he will curl up in your arms and be asleep in half a second.  His balance has improved dramatically and keeps improving.  


Looking at Otis's MRI, we know he will not be perfect, but we believe he will develop into a pretty typical puppy since he has improved dramatically.   Otis is a typical puppy that wants to run and play all the time.  He will squirm out of your arms if you are not careful.   We immediately put him down with us and then sit down on the floor, so there is no chance of him being injured.


What we are describing is exactly what we tell everyone that adopts a puppy.  Puppies have a soft spot (just like newborns) that is fragile until it has fully formed on the top of their heads.  Otis Redding is no different than any other puppy.  They always need to be protected from hurting themself until they fully develop and mature.


Otis will have to be neutered once he is older but can be adopted before that.  We will get him back for the surgery when he has fully developed.   Dr. Klopp plans to take Otis off his seizure meds since he is on such a small dose.  Otis was put on the meds to prevent a significant seizure, but the amount would not have prevented it since it was low.  We have not seen anything that indicated he had any seizures.


We are being very selective about the Family that adopts Otis because of his history.  He is going to be a beautiful miniature brown Labradoodle that resembles a Bear.   He will make a wonderful member of any Family that is prepared to raise and train a puppy.  If you think he is suitable for your Family, please reach out to me at [email protected].


Thanks for helping us with adorable Otis Redding.   We could not be happier with the progress we have seen in this tiny Angel.  We may never know what happened to him.  What we do know is he has learned to compensate and correct any imbalance.  Right now, he is a typical puppy that wants to chew and play all day long.


Doing MRIs and Cat Scans gives us the information we would not get otherwise.  We learn what an animal has and what they don't have.   We believe Otis will overcome the defects that we saw in his images.  As he matures, so will his brain.  Thanks for giving him the Gift of Life.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

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