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PEACHES (10 lb Terrier)

Latest Updates

I go to bed late, and I get up early to go over medical reports and e-mails of dogs needing to be saved from euthanasia.   When you don't hear from us for weeks, we are busy taking care of the thirty-five dogs under the roof of Noah's Arks Rescue.


In our hospice program, a third of our dogs live with cancer or debilitating medical conditions.   I say living because they thrive from all the love and care.  They are on strict herbal and medical protocols that have enhanced their quality of life to the point you would not know how sick they are.  They love their life and go to bed sleeping soundly, knowing each morning they will be greeted by their Noah's Arks Rescue Family that loves and adores them.


Another third of the dogs have recovered from their medical conditions but never fully recovered mentally.  They are what Society calls unadoptable because they are unpredictable. To us, they are what we call misunderstood by today's standards.   They need Love and Patience and a place they feel safe.   We provide that and so much more.  We keep them and us safe by never forgetting the horrible abuse they endured to survive.  We love them so much more for trusting us to take care of them.  We are their Family, and this is their Home.


The last third are the dogs either recovering from surgery or waiting patiently for their Forever Homes that have healed.   The ones that have healed get socialization and one on one time on daily walks.   Most days, the Staff walks from seven to ten miles a day to ensure each dog gets the necessary exercise requirement to have a good quality of Life.  In addition, we have playgroups for each size dog that enjoy playing with other dogs.


Peaches was finally allowed to play with the Littles, as we call the smaller pups group.  We discovered her damaged rear leg was not progressing as we had hoped.  We also observed it was causing her difficulty when she was running around.   The leg would drag underneath and cause her to trip or fall.  After observing this too many times, I decided to get her to CVRC, where Dr. Patti Sura could evaluate her right rear leg.


Dr. Sura and Dr. King were amazed at how well Peaches was doing, considering the last time she saw her, she could not use her rear legs and had minimal deep pain sensation.  The consensus was either giving her more time, hoping the leg would come around, or amputation.  I decided the best possible outcome for Peaches would be to give her back her freedom.  She is approximately 15 months old and is still a puppy.  She needs to be able to run and play.


I asked Dr. Sura to go into the procedure with her eyes wide open.  If she went into surgery and decided Peach's chances were good without amputation, I would support her decision.  Dr. Sura agreed amputation was the right choice.  She also discovered one of the pins in Peach's leg had migrated into her abdomen.  Sadly, she is back on cage rest for another three weeks to allow the spinal surgery to heal further.


Peaches is just one of the many pups we care for at Noah's Arks Rescue.  Each day brings a new adventure and usually requires a trip to the Vet or ER.  The good news is we have the best Vets and Surgical Teams around that love helping us save the animals in our care.


Please, help us with Peach's medical bills to move forward with the other dogs in our care.   Thanks for helping us love and care for these beautiful pups that their Owners abandoned.

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