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PENNY (Cairn & Yorkie Mix)

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SAVANNAH, GA.....Adorable Penny is a two-year-old Cairn Terrier Mix that was picked up by Chatham County Animal Control.   It appears she was hit by a car and had an old break in her rear leg.   Now cute does not even begin to describe adorable Penny.  Animal Control felt certain someone would come looking for this sweet pup with the big ears.  Penny's stray hold was up, and she had to get out, or her chances of getting the Medical Care she needed were not going to happen.   It appears Cuteness does not guarantee an animal will be rescued.


I decided if another rescue was going to step up for her they probably would have by now, so I agreed to take her into our Medical Program to get her the Surgery that she needed.   Penny was brought to us in Okatie, SC and we had her taken to our Surgeons at Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Matthews, NC.   Penny's x-rays showed that she had an old injury that had healed but had not healed in proper alignment as you can see from the x-ray.   Despite the severely displaced fracture, there was enough callus of fibrous tissue around it that it was holding it somewhat stable, so that she could use it when she walked. 


Unfortunately, when palpated the fractured site was still unstable.   We decided it was better to have Dr. Nanfelt go in and do surgery to break down all the fibrous tissue callus and align the bones and stabilize them with a plate.  Surgery gives Penny the best possible chance of having a leg that would not give her issues later down the road.  


The surgery was long and difficult because the amount of fibrous tissue that had to be removed was a lot more than they had anticipated.   Penny's bones had to be carved and made to fit with each other so they could be properly aligned and then a long plate put on to hold the bones together.  


Penny is such a stoic little dog.   When we took her in she was using the leg, but you could tell that it bothered her.   Her fur was one big ball of mats which has to be very painful.  She ran right into our arms like nothing was wrong.   The worst part is over for this little bundle of Love.  Now, she just has to take it easy while her leg heals.


We are not quite sure what breed Penny is other than adorable.  She appears to be a cross between a Cairn Terrier and a Yorkie.   Whatever she is, we are so glad we have her because I don't think another rescue would have done the surgery since she was using the leg.   One thing I have learned in rescue is that if bones are not aligned properly, the rest of the body is out of balance which puts strain on other areas of the body.  Eventually, that strain causes more pain and suffering which then cannot be corrected.


January and February have turned out to be the most expensive months we have ever had at Noah's Arks Rescue.  It is not because we took in more animals than usual but because each animal had multiple breaks and multiple complications and each dog cost us upward of $15,000.   We are only six weeks into the New Year, and our bills are over $100,000.   We cannot sustain the Rescue if we do not get the funds in to cover the bills.  As I have said a thousand times, there is only so much I can do when the funds are not there.  Please, Donate toward these major medical abuse cases so we can keep helping dogs that Mankind has abused and abandoned.    We are it for them.   There is no other Rescue that would commit to taking on the cases that we do.  If you cannot Donate, please send to all of your Friends to give them a chance to be part of the Noah's Arks Rescue Community.


Thanks for caring and making it possible for these amazing dogs to Heal and find Love.

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