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PENNY (German SHP)

Latest Updates

I am happy to report that sweet Penny is doing incredible since her multiple surgeries. Our broken little Humpity-Dumpty has been put back together and can walk free pain-free.  For the past two weeks, Penny has been getting extensive Rehab to help with her injuries and the surgery she had.   Each day she improves and is getting back her range of motion.


Penny would have been another statistic if we had not stepped up for her.  I know how hard it is to pay for these costly surgeries. Penny's procedures were quite extensive and expensive because of o the way she was run over.  It wasn't like she was hit and thrown out of the way.   She was run over in a way that caused multiple breaks and abrasions.   Each surgery cost thousands of dollars, which is a lot for any Family to take on.   


My issue with these hit by cars is that too many people do not even attempt to work out a payment or find the money to get the pup taken care of.  I see some people willing to sell their car to take care of their beloved Family Member and others that won't even take them to the Vet but instead go straight to Animal Control to be euthanized.  Some of these dogs have broken pelvises that need cage rest only and then will be fine.  Don't give up so soon without doing everything possible to save them.


Facebook has its positives and negatives.  One of the biggest positives is the ability to reach a lot of like-minded people that love animals and want to help those less fortunate.  You don't have to be wealthy to save an animal.   You have to be willing to step up and fight for them when they need you the most.   We cannot take on every animal that needs help.  I wish we could, but we do offer assistance in other ways.   


We are still taking funds to cover Penny's Surgical Bills.   We are not wealthy in any capacity other than we have big Hearts and are willing to do whatever it takes to save an animal in need.    There are a lot more people ready to help an animal in need than there are evil people that take pleasure in hurting them.  One of the things I love the most about Noah's Arks Rescue is the beautiful Community that comes together for these pups.   We all have the same goal in mind, which is to Love and Care for these beautiful Angels, no matter the cost.  


Penny has an amazing Family to adopt her that is in the Veterinary field.  They have kids and other dogs for her to play with when she has completely healed.   Our goal is for her to heal where she can get out and run all day long if she wants to.  In the meantime, while she is recovering, she will be getting proper Rehab and unconditional Love from her new Family.  Your generosity made this possible.   For that and all the others, we are forever grateful.   

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