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Over the past month, dear Queenie has grown fur in places that were burned, and other areas have filled in with smooth pale skin where the hair will never grow.  From a distance, she looks like a dog with big spots on various parts of her body.  When you get up close, you soon realize the spots are an illusion created by healthy skin glistening in the Sunlight.


Queenie lost a leg in her Journey to Heal and find Love but found a Life she should have always had.  We will never know what possessed someone to do such horrible things to a beautiful, sweet, innocent puppy.    I quit trying to figure it out because visions of torture are not something I choose to focus on.   I put my attention on what unimaginable strength it took for Queenie to survive.   


From the moment Queenie was picked up, she was terrified.   She was glad to have someone help her, but fear ran through her tiny body.  Whatever happened to her was still very much in the back of her mind.   Putting her in a kennel made her extremely kennel aggressive.  Once she was out, she was fine.   Sadly, our dear girl had to be in kennels while she healed before and after her surgeries.   The good news is she had a fantastic group of Vet Techs that understood this and brought her out as much as possible.


Once Queenie was able to leave the hospital, one of the Vet Techs nursing her back to health offered to Foster while she was healing.   That was a God-send for this precious pup that was deathly afraid of being hurt.   Over the past month, Queenie has learned to trust and love.   She still does not like kennels but looks to her Caregivers for emotional support that she is safe.


It takes a long time to heal a Broken Heart and Spirit.   Queenie is not there yet but is on her way to being a happy, joyful puppy.  The easy part was putting her back together physically.  The hard part is Queenie forgetting her past.  Unconditional Love will take care of her past as she gets older.   Memories will be of good times running, playing, chasing a ball, and getting constant hugs and kisses.  Life will be good again for this beautiful Angel.


We are in desperate need to pay off Queenie's bills.  Please, Donate whatever you can to help more abused pups like Queenie get the medical care they need to Survive and Thrive.  Thanks for being our Guiding Light in these challenging times.  Your Support is greatly appreciated.


Warm hugs and much love from all of us at Noah's Arks Rescue and Fetch Mkt.   Be Safe and Joyful.

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