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RASCAL (Chihuahua)

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A couple of months ago we were contacted about helping a breeder in Georgia that had a puppy born with a genetic defect.   All the other puppies in the litter were normal, except for this little Angel.   Rascal was born with Hypospadias which is a birth defect of the urethra where the tube stops short of the tip of the penis.  The breeder could not find a home for the puppy and could not afford medical care, so euthanasia was a big possibility which is why we were contacted.


Little Rascal is a pure-breed tiny chihuahua that was 12 weeks old at the time and did not even weigh a pound.   He was picked up and transported to Charleston Veterinary Referral Center in Charleston, South Carolina.   Two Surgeons and Specialists did a thorough exam of Rascal to determine if he would need surgical repair.   After hours of discussion and testing, it was decided that if surgery had to happen, this adorable puppy would have to mature and grow.


When Rascal urinates, it comes out like a shower that is upside down.   He has one opening to urinate from that stops short from the end of his penis.   We have had Rascal for a couple of months now and do not see him having any issues with his deformity.   Tests have been done, and his quality of Life will be the same as any other tiny puppy.   As he grows, he will be closely monitored for any signs of infection that become chronic.   So far, he has not had one infection because nothing is stopping him from emptying his bladder completely.


As far as this little Angel goes, he is a happy, playful, mischievous little pup that goes non-stop from sun up to sun down.  You would never know anything was ever wrong with him unless you turned him over and exposed his defect.    Rascal does not have a clue he is not perfect because to us he is about as normal as normal could be.    He loves to play and wrestle, and his best friends Mattie and Tibby think they have died and gone to Heaven.


A lot of puppies like Rascal are euthanized daily because of genetic abnormalities.   Backyard Breeders are the worst because they do not care which dogs are breeding together.  All they care about is the money which they never seem to have when it comes to caring for their pups.   Don't put down a puppy just because they are medically different if their Quality of Life is good.   As you can see from the pictures and the videos of Rascal, his Life is more than perfect.  


Rascal's expenses are nothing compared to the normal ones we incur with our pups.   Any Donations to cover his Specialists Bills would be greatly appreciated.

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