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A Rainbow Bridge Post is one of the most challenging posts to write. Our hearts are so full of sadness and grief over the loss of one of our pups that it takes a while to stop the tears, so a level head and heart can prevail.


Our beautiful, loving Roady has crossed over The Rainbow Bridge. One minute he played his favorite Tug-of-War game, and the following day, he could barely stand up.  He was rushed to the hospital, where the Vet on call proceeded to do bloodwork and put him on fluids.  His bloodwork showed that he needed a transfusion, but his mental state was not there.


Life was great for him the day before, and during the night, something changed.  We don't know if he had a stroke or what caused him to decline so rapidly.  I was not prepared to say goodbye to one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet.  I raced to the hospital, planning on having them give him a transfusion.  When I arrived, I saw a beautiful Angel ready to say goodbye.


Roady had given all he could and had loved the Life he had with us enough to stay around much longer than expected.  I allowed him to walk around outside to see if that changed his mind, but it did not. He walked back over to where I was and laid down next to me.  His eyes told me everything I needed to know.   I loved him enough to let him go.  In the end, that is the greatest, unselfish act anyone can do for their beloved family member.  Roady got his Angel Wings within minutes of laying down beside me.


We miss Roady dearly.  He was such a happy dog that loved everyone.  Every day was a good day because he greeted us with his loving smile and sunshine personality.  We know he is happy and whole and no longer burdened by his cancer.   My only regret with Roady is I did not find him sooner, so I could Love him longer.


Tonight when you look up into the night sky, look for an area that is glowing with lots of little stars all around.  That will be Roady with his beautiful Golden Wings.  He is smiling and telling jokes to all the other pups that came before him.  His magnificent eyes are putting smiles on every dog's face.


Roady will forever be part of the Noah's Arks Rescue Family.  Thanks for giving him the Gift of Life surrounded by people that loved and adored him unconditionally.

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