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Sweet Rumble's neck has finally come together.  You cannot imagine how hard his neck wound was to put back together and allow to heal.   The pictures never really showed you how low the neck wound was but it way down on his chest.   When the elastic waistband was tied around his neck, it grabbed a large portion of his neck that was down on his chest.   It was tight enough not to allow the skin to be pulled back down.  Over time, the area began to swell, and it created a large bulge that kept the elastic in place.   As Rumble grew, the elastic became a noose which eventually cut into his neck all the way around.  The area below the neck had the largest cut because of the massive swelling this poor pup had.  If Rumble had not gotten free, he would not have lasted another week because the elastic had done so much damage.   The elastic would have eventually choked this sweet dog.


The GOOD news is that our sweet boy's neck has Healed and he is ready to Rock and Roll with an incredible Family.   Rumble loves to chase a ball or frisbee and will play all day long if you let him.  He loves playing with other dogs as long as they are fun-loving but gets nervous if he is around a head strong dog.   This sweet pup now has the rest of his Life to spend being loved Unconditionally.    If you are looking for a pup to grow with your Family, Rumble would be the perfect fit.  Please, let us know if you are looking to add a new Member to your Family.


Thanks for caring and making his Journey to Heal and find Love, possible.  We greatly appreciate your Love and Support for our Abused Animals.

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