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RYDER (Brindle Pitbull)

Latest Updates

I am happy to report that Ryder is doing wonderfully. He has had non-stop wound care. The only way he could avoid having surgical intervention was to get the damaged tissue to granulate.  His wounds had to be debrided until we saw beautiful red tissue. Once we got down to the viable tissue, ointments were used to cover the area. We could not get the bandages to stay, so he had to wear a cone. The cone provided coverage on top of the wounds and protected them.


Ryder was put on a broad-spectrum antibiotic in the ER while waiting for his culture results to come back. His wound culture grew three bugs that are sensitive to Marbofloxacin. The ER suspected he also had a Urinary Tract Infection which came back positive. The bacteria that was growing is also sensitive to Marbofloxacin.   There is still drainage coming from the wound, but it is minimal and easily controlled with wound care.


Ryder was very nervous when he first arrived at our Rehab Facility.  He was happy going up to each kennel and saying hello to each dog.  We did not see any dog aggression during this introduction.  The only time Ryder got upset was when a dog growled at him, and he got scared and started to growl at the other dog.  I think he was more panicked than anything. He is a happy, sweet boy learning to act without the fear of another dog attacking him.


He will have plenty of time to adapt and learn he is safe with us while healing.  He probably has another month of wound care before he can be placed in a loving home.  During that time, he will be socialized and allowed to play with other dogs once the wound has healed.  By the time Ryder is well enough to leave, we will know more about his personality and precisely what his triggers are. Please, fill out an application if you think this precious pup would fit into your home.


Beaufort County told us yesterday another dog was picked up in the same area of Lobeco.  I am happy to report this sweet pup was not injured but was a skinny pitbull someone had abandoned.


I fail to understand how anyone could abandon an animal.  First, don't get a pet if you are not committed to the animal.  Second, take the dog or cat to animal control if you can no longer care for them.  We had someone abandon two kittens in the heat of the day several weeks ago in a kennel. They put them in front of a door that is never used.  We caught the white SUV fleeing away on the cameras with two occupants but could not see the license plate.


Every day I see the worst in Mankind and the Best in Mankind.  Noah's Arks Rescue allows me to see the Best in Mankind. The Village of Humankindness coming from our Followers and Donors far outweighs all the bad we see daily.  There is no rhyme or reason why people do what they do.  The good news is each of you shines a bright light in the dark corners of Evil that we see far too often.  I am forever grateful for your kindness and generosity.

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