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Dear Sam will forever be our perfect Gentleman.  He was always the one that waited for everyone else to eat before he took a treat or his meals.  He was never pushy or demanded anything.  Sam's presence was always so calm and serene that all you wanted to do was wrap your arms around him and breathe in his calmness.   His Soulful eyes are something I will always remember.  He was wise beyond his years and loved deeply.  When Sam joined his new Family, a very special connection happened.  He had found his person, and he was finally home.  You could see it in his eyes that he was loved unconditionally and was finally at Peace.  Our dear boy was never sick and was healthy as an ox until the day he became ill.  His Family was shocked to hear that Sam had cancer that had already spread and nothing could be done.  Sam crossed over the Rainbow Bridge very shortly after his diagnosis in the arms of his Guardian Angel. 

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