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Shadow (Husky)

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BLUFFTON, SC.....We received an e-mail to us, and several other rescues in the area asking for help with a one-year-old husky found abandoned in a shopping center in Bluffton, SC. I immediately asked for more information to find out if the dog was hurt.  The e-mail was sent to lots of rescues that could help dogs that did not have medical issues.  I was sure one of them would respond and take this beautiful husky. Several days passed, and no one had contacted the person who had found the dog.  


I was staying in touch with the man and had arranged for Beaufort County to take the dog.  Something in my gut told me there was more to this dog than what was being presented. Our gut and conscience are valuable tools when it comes to animals.   One lives off guilt, and the other lives off fear of the unknown.  I had both bothering me at the same time.


I contacted Beaufort County and the individual and told him I would take the husky.  Several days later, the dog arrived at Noah's Arks Rescue. We thoroughly evaluated him and discovered that Shadow had minimal vision.  We started calling him Shadow because he would always have to be next to us.  He would walk into things if we were not next to him.


I contacted our favorite Ophthalmologist, Dr. Anne Cook, to discuss Shadow's eyes.  Siberian Huskies are known for having Juvenile Cataracts.  I made an appointment and was soon given the diagnosis. Shadow had advanced Juvenile Cataracts and would be completely blind if he did not have surgery to remove them.


Dr. Cook went into great detail to explain this was a long, expensive process.  Shadow would need special drops for a long time and weekly visits with her.  If we could not do that, then there was no point in having the surgery.  Shadow would never regain his eyesight and would have complications if her instructions were not followed exactly the way she wrote them.


Shadow was one year old and soon to be BLIND because of genetics. It is unconscionable that someone abandoned Shadow, knowing he could barely see.  He was left in a crowded parking lot next to a busy road with nothing to stop him was walking into the street.  I made the appointment for cataract surgery and was thankful nothing terrible had happened to Shadow.


Shadow had his surgery without complications.  Over the next two months, Shadow's eye care was a top priority.  Dr. Cook was pleased every week when she saw Shadow.  His eyes became clear, and in the course of two months, Shadow's personality completely changed.  He was happy and acted like a young puppy.  Instead of following your voice, he would look at you, follow a ball, and run around in the yard.  Shadow's entire World changed when we rescued him.


We now need your help to PAY for his extensive double cataract surgery.  Please, DONATE whatever you can.  It is one thing when nothing can be done.  It is tragic when resources are the only thing preventing dogs with Juvenile Cataracts from having the surgery they need to regain their eyesight.  Shadow now has the Life he should have always had.  He can SEE.   I love seeing Shadow following a ball and catching it.  He is a magnificent Siberian Husky.


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