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GREENWOOD, SC.....SHAKESPEARE is skinny 2-3 year old Boxer/Pit Mix that was picked up by Animal Control on a terrible 90+ degree day with horrible Demodex, secondary skin infection that has produced the worst smell from yeast that grows from all of the weeping skin.  The heat and humidity in the summer is terrible for any dog with Demodex but especially terrible for one that has so much infection all over her body.  Shakespeare was saved because the Shelter Managers thought he was so sweet and loving and deserved a chance at a better life if we could get him well.  Right now he is recovering from a terrible Upper Respiratory Infection that has been hard to treat because his immune system has been compromised for so long.  We don’t know how if he belonged to someone and got loose or if he was dropped off and abandoned in this condition.  What we do know is that he is a happy sweet dog that will someday be well enough to have a special home where he will be loved and cared for, for the rest of his life.


SHAKESPEARE is doing wonderful.  His skin is FINALLY beginning to hear and he is getting some much needed fur back.  He really had a rough time of it for the first four weeks but the worst is over now and he is as as sweet as can be.


Look how fabulous Shakespeare looks.


Look how happy he is in his new home.

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