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SPARTANBURG, SC...... 1-year-old German Shepherd / Husky Mix picked up as a stray with unimaginable injuries. Sweet Shiloh was taken to Greenville County Animal Care Services, where a vet immediately saw her.

This sweet pup had a high fever; x-rays showed her rear leg had a compound fracture and her toes were missing bones. She was given until NOON to be rescued and then euthanized. They could not keep a dog as mangled as Shiloh with healthy dogs being put to sleep.


At 12:00 PM, a text popped up with Shiloh's information from GCACS that had been sent earlier. I called immediately and let them know I would take her. This precious pup was seconds from being put down. The Adoption Coordinator was so happy to get the call. She did not want to put the dog down they had been calling Cheeseball. Shiloh was broken and sick but was happy and gave lots of kisses. She was sick but was not letting on how much pain she was in.


One of the hardest jobs in this Country is being an Animal Control Officer. Deciding which dogs live or die takes a toll on your Heart and Soul every hour of the day. The saddest part is the ones I deal with daily are never given credit for all the dogs they save from abuse and neglect. They give 100% of themself and go above and beyond to save every animal they can.


Shiloh was lucky to have an Angel looking out for her. Transportation was made to get this sweet pup to CVRC in Charleston, SC.   New X-rays were taken, and the ER and Surgical Team evaluated her.   As much as the Surgeons wanted to save Shiloh's leg, she had a massive infection in her leg and foot. Her injuries were close to a month old and had been festering. The only option was the get her infection under control and her fever down. Once that was done, she would have to have her leg removed.


Normal leg amputations are pretty straightforward, but this was not normal. Shiloh had lost a lot of tissue in her groin area, and they would have to pull the skin from other sites to cover the large wound left from the amputation.   Lots of planning went into Shiloh's surgery.   Once her fever was down, Shiloh was finally stable enough to have her procedure.


The surgery went great, and the surgeons found enough tissue to close the wound. Drains had to be put in to ensure they had no infection brewing. Shiloh has to remain in the hospital while the drains are in. She cannot leave until they are removed. Shiloh had been in so much pain for so long that having the surgery was a piece of cake for her. She had no problem being a tripod since she had been one for a month.


Dogs are the most resilient creatures. They adapt to whatever happens to them. They are beaten, burned, shot, starved, and run over daily. They never complain and only want a pet on the head. Shiloh is the perfect example is why we love our dogs so much. She never gave up and was happy even when her time had come.  


Shiloh is a small German Shepherd with beautiful blue eyes and a very energetic spirit. Once she heals, she will be perfect in every way. Young dogs adapt beautifully to being tripods. Shiloh has to remain on restricted exercise while she recovers, but she is already showing us that she is doing great.


We now have to raise funds for her hospital stay and surgery. Please. Please Donate whatever you can for this beautiful pup we named Shiloh. We did our part by saving her, and now we need your help to cover her expenses. 

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