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Latest Updates

The sweet adorable kitten was brought to the Emergency Clinic in Greenville, SC after a good samaritan found him wandering around the streets.  He has the worst infection in his eyes we have ever seen.  He was either abused because someone did something to his eyes or because he got infection that was never treated.  He is in unbelievable pain and is still sweet.  He just wants someone to look after him.  He is completely blind.  One eye is totally gone and the other we are trying to save but are not hopeful.  Right now we are doing our best to not let the infection spread any further.  It will be weeks before we will be able to remove the eyes because the infection has to be cleared up. 


Help us change the way Skittles sees the world.  Up to now, it has been full of pain and suffering. 


June 2, 2009......Skittles is finally getting over her infection.  Since he is such a young kitten we are going to wait until he gets a little bit older before we remove his eyes.  We want him to adjust to his new home and get used to being blind.  Having such a terrible infection took a toll on this sweet kitten and we do not want to stress him any more than is necessary.  Skittles new family will be with Brock a three legged cat we rescued and had to remove it’s leg last year.  We will post pictures of both once he is settled.


June 17, 2009

This sweet kitty will have her eyes removed this coming week.  After that she will be place in her new forever home.  She is doing great and her infection has cleared up.


July 6, 2009

Skittles had her eyes removed last week and is doing wonderful.  We have found a wonderful home with someone that just adores her and Skittles loves this person.


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