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SKY (Maltese)

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SHELTON, CONNECTICUT.....I have reached a point where I believe all Backyard Breeders should be shut down if they are not regulated.   I see far too many innocent puppies born into this World with Genetic problems that impact the rest of their lives.   Most suffer and eventually die horrible deaths or are euthanized without a Care in the World. 


Responsible Breeders care about the genetics of their breed and the Quality of Life an animal has.  When genetic problems happen, the Mother or Father Dog is removed from the breeding program to prevent further issues.  Backyard Breeders do not care about any of this. Our little Angel Sky is one of those innocent Souls that was shuttled from one home to another, suffering unimaginable pain that could have been prevented by paying attention to signs of distress or abnormality in a puppy.  


I was contacted by another Rescue needing help with Sky, a 4-month-old Maltese puppy that was showing Neurologic issues.  A breeder sold her to a Family in Connecticut.  When Sky started showing signs of distress, they took her to a Vet but could not afford proper diagnostics and declined treatment. She was put on medication but did not improve.  


Sky was brought back to the breeder.  The breeder's Daughter contacted a Rescue in Connected that proceeded to get a Rescue in Georgia that contacted us.   This poor pup has been passed all over the place, and no one in that chain wanted to take responsibility for her care until she arrived with us.  


My heart aches for this imperfect little Angel that has suffered so much pain.  Sky was immediately taken to CVRC in Charleston, SC, where she was admitted to critical care.  Once her pain was under control, an MRI was done, and a Neurologist was brought in.


Sky's MRI showed she has Syringomyelia and a genetic condition called Hydrocephalus., Syringomyelia is a consequence of an obstruction to cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) flow.  In an average dog, the CSF around the brain shunts back and forth with the arterial pulse. Suppose this rapid efflux and influx are obstructed.  In that case, the pressure wave is transmitted down the spinal cord distending it immediately below the blockage—this obstruction results in the formation of a cavity or syrinx.  


The most common effect of Syringomyelia in dogs is excruciating neck pain which Sky has.  She has other abnormalities from her Hydrocephalus, but the pain from her neck is what we are working on first for Quality of Life.  The Neurologist at CVRC wanted us to put Sky down after seeing the MRI.  She did not even want to bring her out of anesthesia. I wanted another opinion since we had finally gotten Sky comfortable and out of pain.   


I sent Sky's medical chart and MRI Scans to several Neurologists.   After talking to Dr. Jason King at Live Oak Veterinary Neurology in Savannah, GA, I felt we needed to do more tests.   Dr. King explained a series of procedures that could give us more answers and possibly relieve Sky's pain.  We will be transporting Sky to Dr. King tomorrow from CVRC and hopefully will get more answers.  If none of the procedures give Sky a better Quality of Life, then we will embrace this sweet Angel in our arms and help her cross over The Rainbow Bridge.


I will not make a call to end a Dog's Life because of financial constraints or lack of information.   I rescue abused, neglected dogs to give them the Life they have always deserved.  Sky is more comfortable now than she has been in the four months of her Life.  


We have asked the Rescue that took Sky to give us the name of the Owner and the Breeder to inform them of the Sky's genetic condition. They have not given us that information even though they know who it is. BAD breeders put more puppies in danger of having debilitating Genetic medical issues.  DO NOT Protect those that do not care about the welfare of the dogs in their care.


Too many rescues focus on the number of dogs they take in and not on the Quality of Care they give each animal.  Noah's Arks Rescue is just the opposite.  Our focus is always Quality of Life and the best Medical Care possible for every animal we take in—no Exception—EVER.


Sky's bills are insurmountable, and we have just begun her Journey to Heal and find Love. I need everyone to DONATE whatever they can to help this Angel get the medical treatment she has always needed. PLEASE, Help Us, Help Her by DONATING.

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