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Snickers is a 6 week old Golden Retriever mix that was brought into the Greenville Shelter with bite marks all over.  This sweet pup had been attacked by a big dog.  One of his lungs was punctured and several ribs were broken and sticking into his diaphragm.  We were not sure if he was going to make it, so we had him taken to UVS where he was evaluated and prepared for surgery.  We decided to wait to see  if he was going to make it before sending a chip-in around. Well, after five days in the hospital, he is finally out of the woods.  The one lung that had collapsed is now finally filling with air and his ribs are beginning to get more stable.  He is still wrapped to keep his ribs in place until they mend but is doing wonderful.


We have him in foster care and we are looking for that special person to adopt him.


Now that Snickers is out of danger we need to pay his bills.  Please help us so we can help the next little pup that comes in needing emergency care.


Thank-you Guardian Angels.  It is because of your generosity that all our emergency cases are saved and allowed to live out their natural lifespan being loved.


April 7, 2009

Snickers has come down with an URI that has slowed him down a little.  This is something we had hoped would not happen but is to be expected because of his injuries.  He is on antibiotics and lots of fluids and should bounce back quickly from this.  He is healing beautifully otherwise.


April 26, 2009

Snickers is doing wonderful.  We are still looking for that perfect home for him.  He is healing wonderfully from his punctured lung and has not had any more problems.


June 13

Snickers has been placed in a wonderful home and is growing like a weed.  Look how happy he is.

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