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Splenda was picked up and brought to Greenville County Animal Control.  She has been terribly abused by someone.  She is skin and bones and has a terrible infection in her eye that has caused her eye to rupture.  Once we get the infection under control and some weight on her then we will remove her eye.  She is an absolute doll baby.  How anyone could allow this to happen is just terrible.  We have saved her from being euthanized and now we need your help to take care of all her medical.


Splenda has had her eye removed and is doing wonderful.  She is an incredible dog that is so loving and sweet.  How anyone could allow this to happen is terrible.  She is doing great without her bad eye.  She looks really rough here but that will change as her fur grows in.


December 10, 2009

Splenda is doing great.  Her fur is growing back in and she is acting just like a normal little doggie.  She doesn’t even notice that she is missing an eye based on the way she is running around all the time.



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