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Stella / Angelina

Latest Updates

Stella was turned into the Greenville Shelter as a stray. We have had her taken to the vet and she will be transported to Upstate Veterinary Specialist in the morning for her surgery.  She has two bilateral fractures of her front knees.  We have determined that for this to happen, she was either dropped from a high place such as a roof, building, etc. or thrown from a car.   It looks like she used her front legs to break her fall.  She is in terrible pain from the injury which is why she will not use her front legs at all.  She needs her surgery now because this is the only position she can get in.  We will never know the real reason, but we do know she needs to be fixed and that is what we are going to do. I went ahead and gave them my AMEX card and told them to go ahead and do the surgery


Stella is the most adorable puppy you will ever meet. Even with two shattered front legs, she has a great spirit and such a loving personality. She sits up on her back legs like a kangaroo, because she can’t stand to put weight on her oh-so-painful front legs. She loves to give kisses, and she will nuzzle your neck with her little red nose. Stella is a 12 week old female red-nose pit bull. She weighs about 20 pounds.


Update for 01/09/09

Stella had her surgery on Tuesday.  She is doing great and is beginning to put weight on her front legs. 


We have a wonderful forever home for her to go to as soon as she can leave.  She will  have a long recovery time which is why we chose a vet tech that just fell head over heels for our sweet Stella.


Through it all, she has been the sweetest pup. 


Look at our sweet Stella WALKING.
This will bring tears to your eyes.



Stella is doing wonderful.  She has to do lots and lots of rehab to keep her muscles from atrophying every day.  Her legs are getting stronger every time she walks on them.  She has been place with a wonderful family that just adores her.  If she didn’t need to do her rehab and walk, I don’t think they would ever put her down.  She has gone from a terrible life to one of lots of love and WALKING.


February 23, 2009

Sweet Stella / Angelina with her new Guardian.  She is the sweetest most spoiled dog I have seen in a while.  Her new Guardians just adore her.  Her legs have healed beautifully and she is running and walking all over the place.  Her surgery was a hugh success.


October 12, 2009

Look how great Angelina looks.  It is hard to believe she had such a bad start in life.

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