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GREENVILLE, SC.....Adorable little SUGAR BEAR was an OWNER turn in to  Greenville County Animal Control. She is a 7 year old chocolate Pomeranian. The woman said she had rescued Sugar Bear from a hoarding situation.  She suspected she had been used for breeding and was in a kennel that was barely big enough for her and was not allowed to get out and walk around.  Because of the cramped quarters, Sugar Bear’s legs and hips are deformed and she cannot use her back legs.  She can use her kidneys and bowels but has to drag herself around.  The person that brought her in wanted her put down because she said she tried to build up her legs but couldn’t and couldn’t afford a cart or her any longer and wanted her PTS.  The shelter called us almost crying for us to save this adorable little girl. We had her signed over and sent someone to pick her up. The pain and suffering Sugar Bear has endured for most of her life is unimaginable.  To be confined to a cage with no room to move around in and no place to go to the bathroom is beyond horrific and cruel.  Both rear knee caps have severe luxation and her pelvis has developed in an abnormal position that is also twisting her spine. Sweet Sugar Bear has a thyroid problem that we will be addressing to get her stable before we do the surgeries. She has horrible dental disease and will have a lot of her teeth pulled. This little dog has had a terrible life and is still as sweet as can be.  She has a lot of things wrong with her because of her abuse but that does not mean she does not deserve to be comfortable and live out the rest of her life free of pain and suffering. She loves to be held and loved on and will curl up in her arms and go sound asleep.  We believe the surgery is going to give her back her ability to walk and run possibly for the first time in her life..  If we didn’t, we would not attempt to do the surgery.  No dog deserves to be this sad and lonely. 


I wanted to let everyone know that we have finally gotten our little girl stable enough so we can do surgery this morning.  Due to her heart condition, we had to make sure the surgery would not compromise her in any way.  She is going to be in surgery in the next 15 minutes.  Keep her in your prayers.


SUGAR BEAR Update.....She is out of surgery and did great. After they sedated her and started working on one of her legs they soon realized she had a large abdominal hernia that need to be repaired before they could continue. They repaired the hernia and did an FHO on one of her legs. She will have to have two more surgeries to repair the rest of her injuries but she did incredible during this procedure. She came out of her anesthesia without any problems and is very comfortable and resting now. As soon as she has recovered from this procedure, we will do another surgery on her. We are thrilled she did so well with this procedure. We take every precaution to ensure the safety of our animals.



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