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SUGARBOO (Boxer Puppy Mix)

Latest Updates

I am happy to report that adorable Sugarboo has not regurgitated anything in the last five days.   She is out of the hospital and at our Rehab Facility chewing every finger she can wrap those sharp little teeth around. Every test that was done came back normal.  Either the antibiotic she had been on took care of the infection or the medicine we have her on for her GI System is working its magic.


Her Specialists believe her underlying issues, in the beginning, were from her Gastro-Intestinal Tract not being fully developed and able to handle the food she was eating.  She is on Reglan three times a day to help with her motility issues.    Her food is now going through her system in a more timely manner and not coming back up.


The information we received on Sugarboo is that her parents were a Boxer and a Mastiff Mix.  It is hard to believe this tiny pup is going to be a big dog but it looks like she will be much bigger than we had originally thought. We are excited about watching her grow into her big feet.   We will not know how long Sugarboo will be on the Reglan until her GI system starts digesting food better.  In the meantime, Life is good for this special pup.   Every one loves Sugarboo, especially Tibby that gets excited every time she sees her.


Thanks for helping us with her Medical Care.  Everyone was ready to put this little pup down without giving her a chance.   She is not completely out of the woods but we now know the issues are with her GI System and it is responding positively.   

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