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Sweet Angel

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CHESTERFIELD, SC......Sweet ANGEL showed up at a strangers house covered in oil.  It appears someone had poured HOT oil on her.  The bulk of the oil seems to have hit her in the face.  Animal Control was called and she was taken to the shelter in Chesterfield.  The shelter there is so horrendous, you can’t even refer to it as a shelter.  A fellow rescuer grabbed Angel and took her to the vet and then took her home.  We were contacted because she needed emergency medical care.  We immediately sent someone to get her.  She arrived at our vet late yesterday afternoon.  To say we are outraged by what has happened to this little emaciated 20 pound dog is an understatement.  She is barely two years old and based on the scars all over her body, she has been repeatedly burned.  The burns on her back are from what looks like two separate episodes someone has poured either hot oil or a chemical on her back.  We are basing this on the degree of healing that has already taken place on the burns she has.  This seems to be a common practice for the person that had her.  I Do Not know how this little dog has managed to survive the horrible abuse she has had to endure since she was born.  The most recent hot oil burns have destroyed her right eye completely.  Her left eye has a terrible ulcer directly in the center and is cloudy all over.  We are working with several specialist to do whatever we can to save the one eye.  It may not be possible, but we are going to try.  She is so underweight that we will not be able to do any surgery on her until she is better.  Her one eye is getting round the clock care to preserve that eye as much as possible so the specialist can do surgery on Monday.  When she is stable, we are going to remove the bad eye that is causing her lots of pain and suffering.  Because she is so thin, we have to be very careful how much pain medicine she can tolerate without making her sicker.  If someone did this to me, I would be meaner than a rattlesnake.  Angel is the most gentle, loving dog.  Her tail never stops wagging.  To see the condition she is in and to see her tail wag all the time brings immediate tears to your eyes.  I do not know how she can be in so much pain, can’t see and still be happy.  We will need lots of funds to try and save the only eye she has left and take care of her other medical issues.  Forward this e-mail to everyone you know.  We need you and Angel needs us to get her well.


Since we got her into our care, she has had round the clock care to make sure we saved her eye sight in one of the eyes and to heal her spirits as best we could.  I am really happy to say that after seeing the Ophthalmologist, we have decided to not remove the ye that is damaged so badly that she has no sight out of it.  The eye is not causing her any pain at this time and any infection she had in it is going away.  The eye should continue to shrink and get smaller.  We are hopeful it will remain that way and not cause any further treatment.  If it gets worse, we will remove it.  Her left eye has a large deep ulcer in it.  We have the infection under control and will continue to treat the eye.  The way it stands now, she has some sight out of the eye.  The ulcer is so deep that it will never heal all the way and go away.  It will get smaller but will still be there.  The eye will be monitored closely and treated medically for as long as it takes to restore as much sight as possible for this little dog.  She will have regular appointments with her Ophthalmologist to monitor the eye and treat it.  She will be at the vet hospital for a while healing from the burns and getting her body healthy.  You can't tell from this picture but she is still very thin and anemic.  One thing has not changed since we got her, her tail has not stopped wagging the entire time we have had her.  She will get right in your face to get a good look and then give you kisses all day long.  She is one of the gentlest, sweetest dogs we have had in a long time that has been this abused.  We will be taking adoption application for her but she will not be ready to leave for a while.  


Look how wonderful ANGEL looks below.

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