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Sweet Duchess is a two-year-old Great Dane / Mastiff Mix that we rescued from Greenville, SC after being hit by a car.  We did surgery to repair the hip fracture and found her an incredible home six months ago.   Everything was going great until we got a frantic message that Duchess was having a hard time breathing and had been throwing up.  Their vet had looked at Duchess and discovered she had a Diaphragmatic Hernia that was causing her symptoms.  We decided the hernia could have happened when she was hit by the car, but the hole not large enough at the time to cause any symptoms.


We had Duchess taken immediately to our ER Specialist in Charleston, SC where she was stabilized through the night.   Over the next couple of days, it was determined that her hernia had gotten so large that most of her spleen and several lobes of her liver when in the upper cavity of her chest.   We called in the Specialists and had the surgery done.   We have posted an amazing video of the Surgeon removing the spleen and liver from the herniated area.   It is a little bit like a horror film, so don't look at it unless you are prepared for this.  It is a good thing Duchess is a large dog with a large chest cavity, or she might not be here right now.   The area was so cramped with organs that she had a hard time breathing.   Duchess spent the next few days recovering from her surgery that was quite extensive.   All of the tubes have finally been pulled, and she is on the road to a full recovery.   We don't know exactly what caused the hernia, but we do know she was hit by a car.    All we cared about was that she got the necessary medical care as soon as possible, so she did not have further complications.


Noah's Arks Rescue stands behind every dog we adopt out, no matter what.   That is one of the biggest advantages of adopting from us because we are always there to help.   Circumstances change in animals, and people's lives.   We want to make sure the circumstances do not put one of our animals in danger of not getting the necessary medical care they need.  We also want to make sure that if someone has lost a job and the animal is putting an extra burden on the Family we are there to help them make the best possible decision financially.    The bottom line is that we care and want to help.


Sweet Duchess is back with her wonderful Family recovering, and we are faced with the bills.  Please, help us with her medical bills so we can help other animals just like Duchess that have unforeseen medical conditions that put their Life in danger.

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