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Sweet Hope

Latest Updates

This incredibly sweet dog is an abuse case that was picked up by Animal Control in Longview, TX.  She weighed 39 lbs. and was dragging a chain that weighed 20 lbs.  She was handed over to the Humane Society of Northeast Texas.  The Director of the Humane Society stepped up so she was not euthanized. By the grace of God, she survived the night and was taken to the vet there where she is being treated. She is a beautiful 1 1/2 year old pit bull terrier.  HOPE is being treated for hookworms, heartworms, you name it and that is in addition to being totally emaciated.  The vets that are treating her just adore this sweet angel of a dog as does everyone that meets her.   She was so abused that when food is put in front of her she will walk away from it if you are looking at her.  She is getting more comfortable each day that she is there but has a long way to go.  Let’s show this dog how much compassion there is left in this world and give her the life she so deserves.  She has spent all her life chained and starved and who know what else has happened to her.  Her life could have ended so many times based on how she looks but she has hung in there and we are not going to turn our backs on this innocent creature.


There is an on-going criminal case against the owner.


September 23, 2009

Hope is doing wonderful.  She is at a vet in Longview and will be there for another month to get all of her treatments and to continue gaining her weight back and building up her confidence.  She is a sweetheart and everyone just adores her.


October 3, 2009

This white beauty is doing wonderful.  She has gained 12 lbs. and is doing great with all of her treatments.  She gets more comfortable around people everyday and loves to have someone pet her head and love on her.  She will also now allow you to look at her while she eats.  She still doesn’t like it but she isn’t cowering away as she was in the beginning.  As soon as we get a new picture of her, we will post it.


October 18, 2009

Hope is doing wonderful.  She has finished all of her treatments and will be leaving for her new home on October 22.  We have hired a private person to drive her 11 hours to her new home.  She is still shy but that will change once she gets settled down with her new family.


October 23, 2009

Pictures of Sweet HOPE on her journey to her new home in OHIO.  We hired a wonderful private transporter to take her all the way there.  As you can see she is having a wonderful time being the co-pilot.


November 25, 2009

This incredible dog has really been through it.  Since she has gone to her new home, she has run away one time but has returned.  We all have lost lots of sleep worrying about this beautiful confused girl.  We have had her evaluated with a trainer and have come up with a plan based on the new information the trainer gave us about HOPE.  Apparently she has not been around other dogs or animals enough to know how to act like a dog.  She has spent the bulk of her life tied up and tortured.  She gets very scared and confused when she is given commands on how to behave.  She wants to please and wants to get along but just doesn’t have the confidence to do it.


What we have come up with is a plan to turn her around.  She will live indoors at the trainers home on five fenced in acres among a pack of 5 balanced dogs. She will be obedience trained 2-3 times a day starting week one and will be leash trained on and off leash upon completion.


She will be exercised daily on the acres, outside of her training time.


Starting week two she will be integrated daily into the training sessions held at the dog training center. This will focus on exposure to clients and their dogs daily routines.


The training will take a minimum of 30 days and max of 45 days. This will be determined by HOPE’S tolerance to training and pack integration.


Normal cost is $50 per day. Rescue cost in this case is $30 per day.


We think this is crucial for her to have the quality of life she so deserves.


December 25, 2009

It didn’t work out for Sweet HOPE in her new home because it has been determined that she needs to have a dog companion for her to stay on course with the training she has been receiving.  She has two more weeks of training and then she will be ready for her new home.  Please, let us know if you ae interested.


Sweet Hope is with her new family in SC.  She and Zeke road together on their long journey here.  She is with Zeke being evaluated and loved on for the next month until she is ready to be placed.  She is doing wonderful and has come such a long way in such a short period of time.

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