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Sweet Sophia

Latest Updates

MULLINS, SC......Sweet Sophia is a three year old Lab Mix that was picked up as a stray and taken to the Marion County Shelter in Mullins, SC.  She had just given birth to 4 puppies.  In her condition, I was shocked she was able to deliver the puppies.  Someone stepped up to take the puppies but sweet Sophia was left behind.  Sick does not even begin to describe how terribly ill she is.  She has 104 fever and is barely able to stand and then only briefly.  Her emaciated state and the fact she just delivered puppies has set her up to be very anemic which is exactly what she is.  We are prepared to give her a transfusion but will wait because she is in such a fragile state right now.  If she had a reaction to the blood, she could not survive it.  She is on lots of fluids and antibiotics to get her fever down.  We are addressing each one of her medical issues as we can but right now we are in survival mode to get her through the next week so we can proceed with her other treatments.  When animals are this sick, their bodies can only take so much medicine in before it shuts down and the medicine becomes toxic to them.  We are seeing improvement but are cautiously optimistic.  On top of everything else this wonderful girl has what appears to be entropic eyes that are very infected.  Her sight is limited because of this.  One of her eyes looks like it has developed abnormally and is much smaller that normal.  When she is much better, she will be going to an eye specialist to see what we can do to give her the best possible outcome.  As sick as Sophia is, she is full of love for everyone that is helping her.  We will not give up on wonderful Sophia and will do everything we can to save her and then find her a loving home where she will be cherished and loved.


Sweet SOPHIA is still on her treatment for Demodex but is doing wonderful.  She is one of the sweetest dogs.  It has taken her a while to get comfortable with everyone at the hospital but is now finally coming around and starting to play a lot outside.  She will be ready to be adopted when she is done with her treatments and will make a wonderful member of the family.  Please, fill out our Adoption Application if you are interested in her.  She so deserves a wonderful home to love and adore her.  If you think you have that wonderful home, please contact us.



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