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This sweet, emaciated two year old cocker looks like she is about 15 years old, but she isn’t.  She is a sweet young girl that has had a life of pain and suffering.  She was picked up as a stray and brought to the Dekalb County Shelter in this condition.  You don’t get this way overnight.  It takes months and months for your skin to get as leathery as this girl’s skin is.  She has mange and because of the mange going so long untreated she is covered with secondary infections all over her body, including her eyes.  The itching alone would have been unbearable.  She has coccidia and every known parasite imaginable, HW+ on top of this.   She will someday be a beautiful little princess again, but not for at least a year.  How anyone could have allowed this to happen to one so young is just is just horrible.


Tara is doing much better but still has a ways to go.  She is the sweetest little dog.  She will be at the vet hospital for several more weeks and then will be placed in a foster home.  If you are interested in fostering her through her recovery, please, let us know.


This incredible little dog is really having a difficult time getting over all of her ailments.  She is still at the vet and will be there for a while.  All of the parasites and the secondary infections have made her very weak.  She is much better than she was when we got her but still has a long way to go.  It is just a very slow process when an animal is in this kind of condition.


Tara was spayed this past week and we discovered she had an ovarian cyst to add to all of her other problems.  We removed the cyst and think she will start to feel better soon now that has been removed.  She is well enough to be placed with a foster family this week.


Tara is a sweet, sweet girl that is slowly coming around.  She is partially blind in one eye from a cataract  but that does not seem to stop her.  It will be a long time before her fur all comes back but she is making incredible progress.

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