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Latest Updates

Tasha is a 4-6 months, shar pei/terrier mix.  She was brought into the greenville shelter with a prolapsed rectum.  We had her immediately taken to the vet where she is being treated.  She is very sweet, loves to cuddle, and is good-natured. Weighs about 25 lbs. People that turned her in said she just wandered up to their house…???   


We had her rectum repaired on Monday.  She will have to stay at the vet to make sure the repair will hold and then will be released to a rescue or foster.  The vet say she is a beautiful sweet dog and so worth saving.


She can’t go back to Greenville or she will be euthanized because of her condition.  We desperately need donations for her care and to find a home for her.  Please, help us help her by donating.


We have raised the chip-in amount due to the cost for what has been done and the surgery she is getting ready to have, which is very expensive but necessary. 


Friday Update on Tasha...We have been in a holding pattern waiting to see if the rectal purse string the doctor put in would hold after it was removed.  Unfortunately, after doing it two times it will not hold, so Tasha will be transferred to Upstate Veterinary Specialist on Monday for surgery to repair her rectum.  This is major surgery for this little pup but she would not survive without this.


Sunday Afternoon Update...Tasha is now in the emergency room because her rectum has prolapsed again and she is now bleeding slightly.  She will spend the night there and they will prepare her for emergency surgery in the morning.


Thanksgiving Update...Tasha is doing wonderful.  This surgery saved this sweet pups life.  She has left Upstate Veterinary specialist and is back with the regular vet until Monday and then at that time will be going to her new foster home.  The surgery has corrected the problem and with good care and lots of love she should have a long healthy life.

She will be available for adoption once she heals from the surgery.


Thursday Update 12/4/08...Tasha had to go to emergency center late last night because of straining and bloody diarrhea.  They kept her over-nite and it was determined that she has giardia.  She is being treated for that and will go back to her foster  Mom this afternoon.  This is without a doubt one of the cutest, sweetest puppies.  As soon as she has completely recovered from her surgery, she will be available for adoption.  Any interested people need to start e-mailing me so we can do vet and reference checks.  When the vet says they wish they could keep her, you know she is a great dog.


Monday Update 12/22/08...Poor Tasha still has her collar on.  She has really had a difficult time getting over this surgery because of her boughts with Giardia and Coccidia.  She is on lots of very strong medicine to get rid of it but it is just a long, slow process with the surgery she has had.  Through it all, her foster says she is one of the sweetest dogs she has ever fostered.  Just loves this sweet girl so much.  We all need to keep her in our prayers that this last round of medicine will get rid of it.  Will post a new picture soon.


Tuesday Update 12/23/08...Tasha has finally gotten over her giardia we think.  She can now run around and play with her collar off without attacking her rear end.  This sweet girl has really had us worried. People that meet her think she is just one of the sweetest dogs they have ever been around and we think she is.  We should be getting pictures from her foster Mom soon.


Sunday Update 01/03/09...Sweet Tasha is out of the woods and on the mend.  She is finally over the giardia we think for good this time.  She is so loving and cuddly.  Our foster (Yvette above) has done a wonderful job taking care of her.  She is now well enough for us to start looking for a forever home for her.  As you can see from the above pictures, she gets along great with other dogs and loves having them around to play with.  She is very well socialized.



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