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DURHAM, NC.....Beautiful Tiger Lily is the sweetest dog that was picked up as a stray and taken to the Animal Protection Society in Durham, NC.   She had a problem with a Luxating Patella on her rear left leg.   APS will not allow any dogs with known orthopedic issues to be placed on the Adoption Floor, so she had to go to Rescue to get out.    All was going great for this sweet girl until the original Rescuer quit responding to the Rescue Coordinator messages.


Ariel as they were calling her at the time, was now in danger of being put to sleep.    There is NO such thing as a Good Rescue that agrees to take an animal and then does not do it.  The animal's time has already run out, and no one is looking for a place for her to go since everyone thinks she is SAFE.   We were contacted as a last minute save since we do major surgical/medical cases.   Animals are never safe until they are out of the Shelter.   The other issue was that Tiger Lily as we were calling her because of her beautiful stripes had been in a kennel far too long and was now showing signs of Human Aggression.


The Adoption Coordinator gave me all the facts and did not hide anything.   I now knew we were it for this sweet dog because no one was going to give her a chance.  Animals that have been confined for long periods of time become protective of their space.   I saw this far too often and decided whatever was going on with this beautiful dog, it was now or never for her, so I agreed to take her and signed all of the waivers required to get her out and safe.


Tiger Lily was transferred to Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Matthews, NC where she was closely monitored for almost a week to allow her to settle down and be surrounded by people that loved her.  She was allowed out of her run often so they could evaluate the leg that was giving her problems and we could decide the best course of action for a dog that was deemed unadoptable.


Tiger Lily came out of her shell and soon realized we were not the enemy.    She had been in pain for quite some time, and it had taken its toll on her.   That coupled with the fact she had been cooped up and felt trapped had added to her anxiety level.    She is one of the sweetest dogs, and although fearful of men at first, once you allow her to get comfortable with you, she will come right up and sit in your lap.


Dr. Michelle Nanfelt did all of her evaluations and decided her Medial Luxating Patella was a Grade 3/4 and she needed surgery before she tore her Cruciate Ligament.  We agreed to move forward with her surgery.  A lot of the cartilage around the patella had eroded over time, and she had terrible arthritis in the area.   Tiger Lily did well during her MPL procedure and is recovering.   She now has a chance at a full recovery without any further issues.   Her Patella is solid and stable and should be for a very long time once she recovers from the surgical procedure.


If there is one thing we know a lot about and it is aggressive dogs since we do so many Bait Dogs.   This four-year-old Pitbull / Boxer Mix is far from being aggressive.   She was scared and in pain.  The sad part about all of this is that animals like Tiger Lily are put down Daily because they do what their natural instinct is. They are no more aggressive than a Bunny Rabbit, but if you corner the rabbit, the chances of you getting bit are pretty high.   Look at where the animals are and give them a chance before you give up on them and God-Forbid NEVER say you are taking an animal and then not show up.   You might as well be the one signing the Death Certificate because 99% of the time, that is what happens to the animal.


My heart breaks for all the lonely Souls that no one knows about.  They wait and wait and wait, and no one comes for them until it is time to put them down.  I am awakened several nights a week by their desperate cries for help.   I hear them in my Dreams and the people that are right in front of them never see or hear their cries for help.   


I am so glad we grabbed this beautiful dog and gave her a chance.  She now has the rest of her Life to heal and find true  Love.   Tiger Lily will be getting Rehab until her leg has healed.  Please, DONATE toward her bills so we can save more dogs like Tiger Lily that everyone else has turned their backs on.  


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