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WILLIAM (Weimareiner)

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With all the bad news we get daily, we need a little SUNSHINE.   I am overjoyed to report that William does not have Cancer.  The growths in his mouth are benign masses from horrible dental care.     Removing them was something the Surgeon and Vet Techs would NEVER want to experience again.   It was a once in a Lifetime experience that should never be repeated if possible.


Most animals mouths never get this bad.  When their teeth get bad, they usually fall out, or the animal instinctly chews on a bone or stick and that removes a lot of the tartar that has formed.  In William's Case, he got an infection that irritated the surrounding tissue.  The growths formed to protect the surrounding teeth and mouth area.   One growth leads to another, and then another and the original ones keep growing.  It is the dog's immune system trying to contain an infection.


In William's case, the irritation and the growths kept growing until they reached the size they were when he arrived.   None of the Surgeons or Vets have ever seen anything like this.   Dogs in the wild would never produce this kind of reaction because they would be eating bones which would be cleaning their teeth and stimulating their gums in the process.  If William's first pictures do not make you run out and get something for your dog to chew on, then you are not paying attention.


All of the dogs at Noah's Arks Rescue have Elk Antlers and Nyla Bones that keep their mouths clean.   Each dog has a Dental Evaluation when they arrive.   Any bad teeth are removed, and gums are treated for infection.   Don't wait until your Canine Family Member has bad breath before you address the problem.  Check their teeth and mouth each month and get the problem addressed immediately.


William is one of the lucky ones.  Growths can turn into Cancer if they are left unattended for too long.   He finally got away from the horrible situation he had been living in and found his way into the Noah's Arks Rescue Medical Program.   We don't know what his living situation had been prior to him being rescued.  All we know now is that his Life of Neglect is over.


William is a fabulous, sweet dog that loves everyone.   He is going to make a wonderful member of any Household.   Thanks for caring and making his Journey to Heal and find Love, possible. 

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