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We have had our share of hardships over the last month.  Death is never easy for us to process but is something we have come to expect with the critical cases we take on. All the medical care and love are sometimes not enough to overcome the physical abuse these special pups have endured.  


Dear Willow was showing remarkable progress from how she was when she arrived.   Each picture showed a dog that was happy and full of Life.   Sadly, she took a turn for the worse when we started introducing food to her. We deal with Re-Feeding Syndrome all the time.  We have the best Criticalists who work with our emaciated dogs to make sure this issue is addressed.  


Willow was without her feeding tube for several days before it had to be re-inserted.  She could not process food as a normal dog any longer.   We do not know if this was a Lifelong problem or something created from being starved.  We had to put an NG tube in because she started aspirating.  On top of everything else, Willow's blood values with not staying at a healthy level, and we had to do another blood transfusion.


Looking at Willow, with so much Hope in her eyes, was becoming unbearable since we were doing everything humanly possible to save her. I never allow money to dictate care for an animal.  If one of our pups needs something (no matter the cost), I make sure they get it.  The last week for Willow was beyond heart-breaking for every Vet. Tech, and Specialist involved in her care.  No one wanted to give up on her.


From a Veterinary perspective, the best part about dealing with Noah's Arks Rescue is we will go to the ends of the Earth to save one of our pups.  We allow medical professionals to do the necessary tests to get answers that other rescues could not afford to do.  When we take on an abused dog, I commit to that dog forever.  Unfortunately, forever was right around the bend for beautiful Willow.


The morning I had to be the voice of reason for Willow was beyond Heart-Breaking.  None of the Specialists could make that decision for her.  It rested squarely on my shoulders. I decided to do one more blood transfusion to see if that gave her what she needed to get on the other side of her many issues.   It was a temporary band-aid that did not last.  Willow was not going to come out of this no matter what I did.


I made the decision after days of going over and over her records and talking to her specialists.  Willow had done all she could do, and it was time to let her go.  Willow loved to eat, but her new complication prevented that.  The day we said goodbye, her ER Team went out and bought her all sorts of treats to savor.  Willow was the happiest she had been in a while.  Before she had any signs of distress from the food, she crossed over The Rainbow Bridge with the biggest smile you could ever imagine.


Willow was Safe, Loved, and Nurtured during the entire time we had her.  She no longer had to fear anything because we were there with her all along the way.  Why anyone would abandon any dog the way she was left is criminal.  No charges were filed on her behalf.  To the people that were responsible for the care, she was nothing.   For the short time we had her, she was everything you would want in a companion.


Albert Schweitzer's Quote, "Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight," is truer now more than ever.  Everyone has their blinders on, and no one is looking after their neighbor or their fellow man.  Man's Best Friend is so far down the list that a person would put a dog in a boat and abandon the dog with no hope of survival.  The dog would be guaranteed suffering until the day he died.


The only Saving Grace from all of this is Willow ended up with us.  The Love and Care she received put a smile on her face daily.  She was happy and Joyful when her body allowed it.  She crossed over The Rainbow Bridge, knowing how much she mattered.  She was Loved and Adored by everyone.  


Tonight when you look up into the night sky, say a prayer for Willow. She is finally home and safe, where everyone will cherish her. Thanks for helping us with her medical care. Your love and support are greatly appreciated.  Any donation for Willow will go toward paying her final medical bills.

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