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This sweet adorable 9 month old pit bull pup was shot in the face on Tarrytown Lane, a rural stretch of road north of the Panola Mountain Conservation Park, outside of Atlanta, Georgia.  The bullet entered above the dog's right eye, traveled through the nasal passages and out through his left eye. Kids found him and called Animal Care Services In Dekalb County.  When the officers arrived, he was as sweet as could be and allowed them to take him to the area shelter where he was then seen by a doctor and x-rays were taken.  On New Year’s Eve we had him transported to our vet in Greenville, SC where he is being treated until he has his surgery in Columbia, SC on Tuesday.  He will have his nasal passage surgically restored as much as possible and the eye that was shot out will be surgically treated so it will heal properly.  His eye is completely gone.  This is the most loving puppy you will ever be around.  How anyone could ever do this is beyond us.  We have put the location in our description in hopes someone might have some clues as to who did this to our sweet Win-Chester.  The police department named him Winchester because of the accident but since we do not like to remind any of our animals of their horrible past we are calling him...Win-Chester.  he can be called Win, Chester or Winchester.  We will be calling him Win.


January 5, 2009  SURGERY DAY


January 10, 2010

Win is doing wonderful since his operation.  As the surgeon said, if he could have wagged his tail while on the table, he would have.  He is running around and acting like nothing ever happened.  He has had some nasal drainage which is normal for this type of surgery but that improves more each day.  He is out of the surgical center and is being fostered by a surgical technician that just adores this lucky boy.  Each week his pictures will look better and better as his fur grows back in.  He has adapted well to only having one eye and is glad to have that.  We just love this incredible little fella.


January 16, 2010

Our sweet boy is doing wonderful.  We just adore this sweet fella.  He is with his new foster family that has just fallen in love with him.  There is not one mean bone in this little boys body.  He loves everyone and everything.  His sight with one eye is not slowing him down at all. 


January 26, 2009

This adorable boy is a delight to everyone that meets him.  He has moved on since the accident and all he cares about is when do I get to play with my new family or when are we eating again.  He is a love.


February 7, 2010

This sweet dog is growing by leaps and bounds and is doing wonderful.  We have a lot of people we are talking to about adopting him and have still not made of our minds.  The list is very long and his foster just adores having him around.  We want to make her his nasal cavity is heals properly before we let him go to to his permanent home.


Winn has officially been adopted into the loving pack of dogs below and is a happy sweet little dog that adores everyone.  He has a chew toy in his mouth below.

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