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This sweet old man has sure had a hard life.  How an owner could let this happen and then drop him off to die at the shelter all alone is something we do not understand.  Woody is a 14 years old male.  Very sweet and laid back.  He has cataracts but is too old to have the surgery.  He does have some sight left and is getting around fine.  His teeth are in TERRIBLE condition and need to be cleaned and some removed.  He has had an on-going flea allergy that has given him leathery skin in some areas that will probably remain that way.  We are doing extensive blood work to make sure he doesn't have diabetes or anything else before we find him a wonderful forever home to live out the rest of his life being loved and cared for.


Woody has been given the full treatment at the vet.  We have done extensive bloodwork and have had his teeth cleaned that were in terrible condition.  Once he was cleaned and scrubbed we discovered he is closer to 10 years old instead of 14 which we thought at the beginning.  He has also been treated for his flea allergy.  He is a sweet older gentleman that has been severely neglected during his lifetime and needs a comfortable place to live out his later years.  He is available for adoption.



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