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LAWRENCEVILLE, SC.....We had been helping Gwinnett County Animal Services when we got a desperate plea to help a beautiful Red-Tick Coon Hound that had been hit by a car.  Sweet Wyatt had been lying on the side of the road and could not stand.  I am sure this young, one-year-old hound was doing what his instinct told him. To sniff, and run and never look up to see if he was in traffic.   The problem is, his owner should have kept him safe.  Why get a hunting dog for its incredible nose and ability to retrieve if you are not going to look after him?


We see these beautiful creatures lost and abandoned all the time with no clue how they got in harm's way.  No collar and no owner looking for them when tragedy strikes.  Animal Control picked up dear Wyatt after someone reported a dog that could not walk on the side of the road.  Hound dogs are used and abused more than any other breed.   I love a hound dog with its long silky ears and gentle personality.  They would not hurt a soul unless it is the critter they are chasing.  Hounds are always happy-go-lucky pups that want to please everyone.


Sweet Wyatt was picked up and brought to CVRC in Charleston, SC.  He has a distal fracture of his left femur that is not significantly displaced but will need to be stabilized.  He also has a right femur fracture up by the pelvis, which will require an FHO (Femoral Head Ostectomy) or an amputation.  Wyatt has fractures at the two worst places where there are not a lot of room to work.  One by his pelvis, and the other next to his knee.  The other issue is he was very anemic from loss of blood and parasite over-load.  Both of these issues had to be addressed before he could have surgery.


While Wyatt was being stabilized, it was determined he had an old injury to his pelvis before being hit by a car. His right hip area had extensive muscle loss.  Dr. Rachel Seibert did a thorough Wyatt examination before taking him into surgery to do the two repairs.  Once Wyatt was on the table and surgery had begun, it became apparent these were old injuries, and remodeling had begun.  Dr. Seibert had to break down the callused areas to get clean bones to join.   


Wyatt had to be sling-walked for almost a week after his bilateral fracture repairs before he could be released to us.  Once at the Rehab Facility, he improved but not at the rate we had anticipated.   For the next three weeks, we worked with Wyatt, but he was still having problems with his right hip, where the FHO was performed.  Getting up and down was a significant issue for him, even with the help.


On about the fifth week, we noticed fluid building up around the hip area. We immediately took Wyatt to the hospital, where fluid was drained and sent off for culture.  We began appropriate antibiotics, but Wyatt was still having issues with that leg. It was determined there was a wire from his FHO that was causing him discomfort.  The best remedy was to remove it if his leg had stabilized.   Dr. Marikay Campbell did the procedure.


For the next three weeks, Wyatt has improved remarkably.  He can get up and down without help, and his muscle atrophy is slowly going away.  That is going to take almost a year to develop fully. During all these procedures, Wyatt has not complained once and has been the sweetest pup.  He loves everyone and has started to play with all of the other dogs.  


We have spent so much time getting our sweet Angel well that he has stolen everyone's heart. Hounds are the most lovable dogs.  They are big and goofy and always have a smile and kiss for their family.  I knew Wyatt was a long-hauler when he refused to use his rear legs.  There was no point in posting a dozen updates when his progress was going to be so slow.  Instead, I decided to post one big one so you could see his progress from beginning to end.  


Wyatt would not be walking today and would have been euthanized if we had not stepped up.  Wyatt got the Gift of Life because we decided he mattered.    He did not deserve the Life he had with no one looking after him.  Puppies run and play and get into trouble if they are not given guidance and care. If they get into trouble, they need us to get them the medical care they need.  


We now have to pay for all of his ER visits and Surgeries to help more pups like Wyatt get the medical care they deserve.  Please, Donate whatever you can for dear Wyatt.

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