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STATESVILLE, NC.....ZANYA is an adorable Boxer Mix puppy that was picked up as a stray and never claimed.  What I suspect is that the Owners knew she had medical problems and abandoned her.  Zanya was rescued by another organization that soon realized her medical condition was more than they could take on.   Our little pup was scheduled to be PTS when we were contacted about her condition.  We chose to give her the best possible chance by taking her into our Rescue.  Our little wonder pup has a long list of congenital malformations.  The main reason why the original rescue couldn’t take her is because she has a Diaphragmatic Hernia (her intestines were in her Diaphragm).  The Diaphragm is not intact.  The gallbladder, a portion of the liver and multiple jejunal segments are herniated into the right thorax.  This is resulting in leftward displacement of the heart.  Our little Angel has also got Bladder Stones.  She passed a large stone the night before we received her.  She has a build-up of calculi within her urinary bladder.  We are doing tests to determine the cause of the stones and the build-up.  She also has an incomplete secondary Cleft Palate that we will leave alone for now.  We have had Zanya for one week.  The first five days we did nothing but cat scans, bloodwork and extensive consultation with specialists all over the world to make sure we could have a good outcome for this little pup.  After having all of our ducks in a row, it was determined we could proceed with surgery on the area that we were most concerned with, her diaphragm.  We did exploratory surgery and then proceeded to put Humpty-Dumpty back together in a normal way.  The surgery took several intense hours because there were so many unknowns we didn’t have the answer for.  Our little pup couldn’t live the way she was.  We had to get this right.  Her surgeon did an incredible job and our sweet girl is recovering nicely.  We will probably have to do another surgery but for now we are very happy with the outcome and how well she is doing.  As far as her kidney stones, we feel they were created because the organs that were processing urine had been compromised.  So far, she has not created new stones and is being closely monitored.  I have enclosed a very graphic picture below of her abnormal diaphragm below.  In the picture it is wide open for organs to go inside.  We have since closed this abnormality and it is functioning normally.  Zanya is a bundle of energy.  She is a typical puppy in every way.   She is sweet, loving and downright ADORABLE.  We are so grateful for incredible Doctors and Surgeons that have the skills to make the impossible, POSSIBLE.   Our Little Angel has spent one week in the ER at CVRC (Charleston Veterinary Referral Center) and is now in a foster home recovering.  We did not want her to stay any longer than was absolutely necessary in the hospital because of infection.  She is such a young pup that she is prone to get infections that older dogs would not be at risk of getting in a hospital.  She is resting comfortably in the arms of people that love her.  She will be ready to be placed in her new home in approx. 6 weeks. The Surgeons feel like she can live a long normal life without any further complications from her birth abnormalities.  Zanya will fit into any household.  She loves everyone and everything.  If you are interested in adopting Zanya, please, fill out our Adoption Application below.



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