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FAYETTEVILLE, NC......We work tirelessly to save Abused Animals that have been neglected and discarded.   We take in the worst of the worst that no one else wants and do our very best to make the most Humane decisions with the animals best interest at the heart of those decisions.   We were reached out to by Cumberland County Animal Control about a tiny little Chiweenie that weighed 4 lbs 9 oz.   They thought he was only around eight weeks old and was taken to be seen by a Vet.  The Vet returned him to be euthanized.   He was so lively and sweet Cumberland County reached out to us for help.


Ziggy was paralyzed, and an x-ray was done to determine the cause. This little bundle of joy was happy and loved everyone.  The Vet thought he had deep pain sensation but what he was noticing was only a reflex and not movement from deep pain. I spoke to our Neurologist and showed him the x-ray clearly showing the displaced fracture in his spine.  We assumed his spinal cord had been severed.  He said as long as the puppy was happy and seemed to be playful (which he was), he could repair the spine.  He went into great detail that he would have to have his bladder expressed and would have to be in a cart. I had already considered all of that and found someone wonderful that knew how to take care of a puppy just like Ziggy and was excited about getting him.


Ziggy was brought to Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Matthews, NC and everyone fell in love with him. He was the happiest little boy you could ever imagine.  Dr. Bergman came in to do his surgery and to get a good MRI of his spine before the procedure.  We were so excited about this little bundle of Joy.  I envisioned him running around in his cart playing.  A severed spine does not have to be a Death-Sentence, especially at such a young age.  We see dogs that have spent their entire lives running around in carts and playing to their heart's content.  You just have to know how to fully express their bladder and bowel and adapt their food accordingly.


I got the text from Dr. Bergman saying he had started Ziggy's procedure.  Fifteen minutes later I got a call saying we had to talk immediately.   As it turned out, our sweet boy was closer to six months old, and the injury was an old one.   He was probably stepped on or shut in a door about 4-6 weeks ago.  His spine was displaced but was now fused in the area where it was.  The only way to put it back was to re-break his spine, and that was going to cause him unimaginable pain that he would have to live with for the rest of his Life.


This was not a scenario I had ever considered.  There was no indication of this on the MRI.  The fact he was older had no bearing on what was happening.   Surgery was only possible if the spine injury was new and could be moved back into a normal position.  What we had now was not possible.  We could close Ziggy up, but his quality of Life was not going to be good because as he grew his spine was so displaced he was not a candidate for a cart.  My Heart shattered into a thousand pieces when I had to make the decision to let Ziggy go while he was sedated and peaceful.


So much Promise, so much Hope and so much Love for a little puppy that someone left in this condition for almost a month before abandoning him.  They did not even have the decency to let anyone know he had been hurt so he could have gotten the help he needed right after the injury happened.   As I type this note, I know in my heart there are pups that are suffering right now because the people that have them DO NOT think they matter and have no regard for the pain they are enduring.   If you are going to do NOTHING, then at least have to decency to put the poor animal down.  Do Not sit around and watch them suffer or throw them in the back yard and forget about them.  They are Living, Breathing Creatures that LOVE unconditionally.  


Ziggy mattered to us, the Shelter that wanted to save him and the person that was willing to open her Heart and Home to him.  I have cried so much over the last two weeks for the pups we have lost that I should not have any tears left.   The only way I know to stop the suffering of these poor creatures is NEVER to stop trying to help them when they need us most.


We didn't have the outcome we wanted for Ziggy but this tiny pup did know he was loved and that was his last memory.   For that, I am forever grateful.  He didn't die suffering, alone and abandoned.   Even in surgery, he was given the Gift of an amazingly Compassionate Surgeon and his incredible Team that helped this sweet boy cross over the Rainbow Bridge surrounded by LOVE.


Ziggy's Life mattered.  He was more than a little dog with a broken back. He was a little Angel we fought tirelessly to save.  He will forever be part of the Noah's Arks Rescue Family.   Tonight when you look into the Night Sky, say a prayer for Ziggy.  He has his Angel Wings and can fly effortlessly all across the Heavens.  


We would greatly appreciate any Donations so we can pay off his medical bills.  We spare nothing for these pups, even when they do not make it.  We do whatever we can to save them and give them the best possible Life.   The best Life for Ziggy was to give him his Angel Wings once we knew his condition. 


Thanks for being the Good in the World that stands up for Abused Animals and walks toward them instead of walking away.  

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