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ABIGAIL is off the Vacuum Pump and has a Tie-Over Bandage.  Some of the pictures may be uncomfortable to look but what you are seeing is tissue that was once dead is now revived and thriving. The Vacuum Pump quit producing infected fluid a couple of days ago.   In place of the pump, the Surgeons placed surgical loops where the area can be kept sterile, and bandages changed daily.


What we have now is vibrant tissue that can be closed surgically.  Dr. Jennifer Au will be doing the procedure later this afternoon if the area remains free of fluid. The pictures look horrible and painful which is not the case.  Abigail does not have a clue how sick she was. The pain she initially had was horrific.  Now that the infected, dead tissue has been removed, she has very little pain associated with the open area.  


The large wrap around bandages that you see on her hold the bandages in place while keeping the area sterile.   Once Abigail has had her surgery, the ICU Team will have to keep her to administer the Amikacin Antibiotic.   We have to protect her liver and kidneys by doing periodic blood and kidney panels to make sure they are not being compromised.   She is being kept on fluids to protect them. 


Abigail's Recovery has been nothing short of Miraculous. Getting her to the best Surgeons and Critical Care Specialists has saved her Life. Things could still go South but the chance of that happening while being under the watchful eye of Charleston Veterinary Center (CVRC) is not going to happen. I love the peace of mind knowing they are looking after our pups and are only an hour away.


Sweet Abigail is one of the most gentle German Shepherds.  Everything about her is love and kindness.   She will have to remain in the hospital through next week and then will be able to come to our Rehab Facility where we can continue with her care.   We are so excited about showering her constant hugs and kisses.  Life is Good for Abigail, and she knows it.  Thanks for giving this special pup, the Gift of Life.

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