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We all need some good news and today is going to be my good news day, or at least it will be this morning. Sweet Abigail that had necrotizing mastitis is healing beautifully.   The Surgeons were able to remove the Wound Vacuum and had enough skin to close her wound bed.  We removed her staples and stitches, and she is now free to run around and play as much to her heart's content.


Abigail feels fabulous and is having so much fun running, playing and jumping.   The highlight of her day is jumping up to give you a kiss which she often does.  This precious pup has got about twenty more pounds to gain but is slowly going in that direction.    Her incision has healed beautifully, and the infection she had appears to be gone entirely.


 I have not been around a lot of German Shepherds but the ones I have appear to be a little bit head-strong.  Abigail is just the opposite.   All she wants to do is please you and play.   She is one of the biggest Lovebugs we have ever had the pleasure to save.   We love and adore this fantastic, beautiful dog.   How any Family could have allowed her to get as sick as she was and then discarded her like she was garbage is beyond reason.  


Abigail does not have a mean bone in her body.  She loves everyone she meets and is pure Joy from the top of the morning to the end of the day.   She will give you kisses and then will lean on you as if to say, all is okay with the World because I am here to look after you.  


Every night before I leave for the evening, I walk into her area and give her a big hug which she is waiting patiently for.   All the other dogs are sleeping, but she is looking right at the door knowing I will walk through any minute. We have cameras monitoring every area of the Rehab Center and every dog.  I have a big screen that can show me all of the cameras at once in my office.  Everyone is sound asleep for the night but Abigail.  She knows I will walk through the door for one final hug and kiss for the night.  Abigail is right.  Within seconds of me leaving, she is sound asleep.


Everyone at Noah's Arks Rescue gives their Heart and Soul to each one of these special pups.  One Man's Trash is another Man's Treasure.   They are each special beyond measure to us.   We could never imagine our Life without them in it.  From the minute they arrive, they become Family.  We have three Loyal, Dedicated Staff and Me that look after all of these Special Pups.  Just like the pups we save are Family, so are the Staff and the wonderful Volunteers.


We are the lucky ones that get to Love and Nurture these incredible pups back from the horrible abuse they have endured.  We get bit, scratched, knocked over, peed, pooped and thrown up on more times than I care to mention.  It is a small price to pay to watch the lives of these animals come back from the dead and learn to Love and Trust again.   They know they are home and they will never be abandoned again.


Your Donations make all of this possible.   Without your unwavering support, we could not do what we do — Thank-You from the bottom's of our hearts for giving us the opportunity to save all of these fantastic animals.   


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