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ALBERT (Pitbull)

Latest Updates

Yesterday was a Gut-Wrenching Day all the way around.  We had to open Albert up and remove the foreign object or help him cross-over the Rainbow Bridge.  His body could not hold on any longer to get stronger.  The foreign body was doing too much damage, and his blood and electrolytes were shifting into a hazardous area.


Albert was aware of his surroundings and would still wag his tail and give kisses.  I decided to go into surgery, knowing he might not survive.  If I did nothing, he was going to die within the next couple of days, and there was nothing I could do about that.  Dr. Chris Gauthier performed Alberts surgery at CVRC.  He knew he did not have much time, so he went straight to his intestine and started working his way down until he found the obstruction.


The best prognosis was to remove the object without cutting the intestine.   Dr. Gauthier slowly worked the object free all the way down until he was able to remove it without cutting.  The items he could not remove manually, he massaged them until they were small and would pass on their own.  He took biopsies and closed Albert.  


Albert was given a blood and albumin transfusion immediately following surgery to support his body.   A naso-gastro feeding tube was also put in so we could provide nutrients while he was recovering.   Albert was still very down from the procedure, so we administered another blood transfusion.    Tonight, he finally decided to take a few bites of the chicken they had bought for him, which was progress.


Albert is still critical.   The only good news I have is the foreign body which turned out to be a corn cob was removed.  He no longer has a blockage, and his body is not filling with toxins.    We have to be patient and give him time to recover from his procedure.  A healthy dog has issues with this type of surgery, but it has to be done, or the animal will die.


Albert is fighting as hard as he can.  He has had a million times he could have given up and passed on, but he is not giving up.   It is a Miracle he is alive today and still finding the strength to fight another day.  Thursday is the day, he should be showing progress since the procedure.   His vitals are holding steady, and his spirits tonight were better.


Albert needs all the prayers and donations he can get.   He will have to remain in ICU with 24 / Hr care until he no longer needs medical support.   Thanks for caring and helping us with this amazing pup.

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