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BEAR (Yorkie)

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LAWRENCEVILLE, GA.......Very little shocks me which is sad because I have seen so much hardship and abuse when it comes to Man's Best Friend.   Late last night, I got pictures from our ER Hospital of a little 7-year-old Yorkie that was horrifying.   Bear was picked up as a stray and brought to Gwinnett County Animal Control.  He had a microchip that was tracked down to a woman that had moved into an Assisted Living Home around April 2018.   She was contacted and explained she had given Bear to a friend since she could not take her dog.  I have contacted Animal Control to see if anyone has found the woman Bear was given to.


One entire side of this sweet pup's body is dead and necrotic.   The wound is so deep that it has eroded into the muscle tissue below.   If you look on Bear's x-rays, you can see where the area is indented on the side of the wound.  I have thought all night long to come up with any scenario that could explain this type of injury.    If Bear had been hit by a car, he would not be here today.   He would have broken bones, and there would be clear signs of a hit by a car.   This adorable pup does not have any of that. 


What he does have are massive bruises and a large gaping wound that looks like he was burned.   The only scenario I can come up with is he got out from his new Owner, and someone found him and tortured him.  His wounds have been this way for what appears weeks getting worse by the minute.  This did not happen a couple of days ago.  His injuries had time to get infected and become necrotic.  The Shelter said he had a necrotic flap they removed at the hospital before we rescued him.   How could a little dog get cut in such a horrible manner?


I have NO answers for any of these questions.   The other issue is Bear does not look like an 11-year-old dog which the Owner said he was.  His surgeons think he is closer to a 7-year old Yorkie.  There are so many unknowns flying around that I wonder what the truth really is. What I do know is this pup is in dire straits and has a long recovery.


Surgery was done late into the night to find viable tissue below the necrotic area.  Today Dr. Kristin Welch took over his care and attached the Wound Vacuum to his body to pull out all the infected fluid so the wound can heal.  The area is far too big to close and therefore has to heal with the vacuum attached.  The vacuum will be removed once it no longer is producing any infected fluid.


Bear's pictures were so disturbing, I decided it was best to send this e-mail tonight instead of during working hours for most people.  It was just going to get too many people upset during the productive time of the day.   The worst picture I have made very small in the photo group.   We are not about shocking people but informing in the best possible way.  


This amazing pup is as sweet as can be.  Whatever someone did to him was horrible, but he could care less and is so glad to be saved.  All he wants to do is give kisses and more kisses.  Bear is a delightful little pup that wants nothing but love and affection.   Well, he is in the right place for that because everyone at the Hospital is showering him with kisses.


We need for everyone to Donate something toward this sweet little dog that was abused and then discarded.  Bear's bills are going to be costly and his wound care extensive.   It takes one horrible person to destroy an animal and a Village to save them.  Thanks for being our Noah's Arks Rescue Village.  

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