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BETTY (Chihuahua)

Latest Updates

BETTY, BETTY, BETTY.......This tiny pup has had us on our toes for three solid weeks.   She has bitten most that have attempted to pick her up at our Rehab Facility.  She can do a drop and roll so quickly that you are not sure what has just happened.   We have never seen a dog this afraid of Humans. The Fear that she perceives is something right out of a Horror Movie.  


Seeing any dog react so violently to Humans makes us even more determined to change her perspective.   In the beginning, it seemed the only one she liked a little bit was me.  I would sit in her space for long periods until she got used to me.  Each person at the Center had to do the same thing.   We had to put a tiny dragline on her because she was a flight risk and could get through any small opening in our fence.


We can usually win a dog over in a couple of days, but this little Lady was not having it.   Her Fear made us more determined than ever to turn her Life around.  Her two hernia surgeries had to have medical care, and we had to do it.   I did not want every day to be a bad experience for her.    This little girl did not want to eat; she was so petrified.   


The hardest part for us as her Caregivers is the fact someone did something so horrible that she feared for her Life.   That breaks our hearts for this tiny pup knowing she has endured such suffering.  The memories of that abuse are so close to the surface that it is all Betty sees.


We are now in week three, and there has been much progress with this exceptional pup.  Betty will come up to the front of the kennel instead of cowering in the back.  She has several small pups that stay in her kennel to help build up her confidence.    She will even lay next to some and sleep.  


The best news is she will now allow us to hold her and will lay on her back and sleep.   Adorable Betty is still unsure but cautiously optimistic.   We have a video of her with dragline attached running up to one of our staff for a treat.  Once she has the treat, she then runs away but keeps coming back.


All of her walks have to be done in our enclosed back yard because she is so fearful of every sound outside the yard.  We walk her in a harness to make sure she is snug and secure.  All of the above may not sound like much, but to this little Angel, it is everything.  Betty is learning to Love and Trust, and that is a Miracle no amount of drugs or surgery can cure.  


Betty's physical wounds have almost healed.  One hernia surgery is bad enough, but to endure two is a lot for a little dog.     Our tiny bundle of Joy will have to be Adopted to a particular person that is willing to give her unconditional Love and emotional Support.    She will not be adopted until we are comfortable; she can walk outside on a leash without trying to bolt.   Her safety is our top priority.  Betty will remain with us until that person is found.  


Our Goal is for Betty to want to be around people and embrace the Love we have for her.   We have made a lot of progress, and our tiny Betty is learning what Love is.    Her new Life will be a Journey filled with beautiful surprises and joyful moments.  Her past Life will soon be a distant memory filled with memories of unconditional Love and Care.


I never understand why one dog gets donations while another gets very little.  Sadly, Betty is in the latter category.   I had someone say to me that Betty was too mean to Donate toward.   Betty does not have one mean bone in her body.  She is scared.  This little pup deserves everything we give to each of our dogs.  She deserves no less.   Betty needed two hernia surgeries because of the fear she had for humans.  


Please, Donate toward this little Angels Medical bills so she can continue to heal from her Abuse and Neglect.    Betty did the hard part by surviving her abuse.   Now we have to do our part and Save Her.

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