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BETTY (Chihuahua)

Latest Updates

Sweet Betty has kept us all on our toes for the past six months.  She went from being our little Land Shark to coming out of her shell and delighting everyone she meets.   We completed her Heartworm Treatment without any issues.   Betty was placed in a wonderful home, and for three weeks, everyone was happy.  We got daily updates, and we thought this was a match made in Heaven.  


We got a text several days ago saying Betty had been coughing during the night, which she had not done before.   We said they should take her to the Vet and let us know what the Vet determines is wrong. We were shocked when the Vet said Bety had fluid on her lungs and was in Congestive Heart Failure.   I immediately had Betty brought to us so she could be taken to her Cardiologist.


We had the x-rays sent over the Dr. Jesty at CVRV in Charleston and decided it was best to take her in for evaluation. Nothing made sense how this little dog that had been cleared for exercise and be adopted had declined so rapidly.  Once we got Betty back, I immediately took her to Charleston, SC, and admitted her to the hospital.  I was not taking any chances with this adorable pup.


Dr. Jesty went over all of her records and x-rays and determined Betty needed to be admitted immediately.  Betty is Critical and has been placed in their Oxygen Chamber since she arrived. Dr. Jesty believes she has severe Pulmonary Hypertension secondary to her Heartworm Disease.  


Even though Betty was treated for Heartworms and not showing any signs of distress, the disease caused damage that is just now manifesting itself.   Her Echo done months go was indicative of a healthy dog.   Dr. Jesty and Dr. Tynan are doing a battery of tests to determine if Betty threw a clot.   That would also explain her rapid decline.


Pulmonary Hypertension is treatable but takes a while for the drugs to work. Betty has to remain in ICU in Oxygen until this crisis passes, and she becomes stable. It could be days or weeks, but we are not taking her out until her Cardiologists says she has recovered and is stable.


The Family that had Betty does not want her any longer.  Once Betty recovers, and we are comfortable, she is on the proper meds and stable, she can be placed in a loving home.    Betty is a fabulous pup in every way.  She has overcome so much abuse and neglect, I am sure she will overcome this latest obstacle.


Please, PRAY for this adorable tiny Angel that she fully recovers.   Keeping Betty in Oxygen in ICU is outrageously expensive but is our only option for her to Survive.   Please, DONATE, so she is given the Gift of Life.  With your help, we feel confident we can pull her through this.  Thanks for caring.

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